Toons These Days: Ep 9

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Goddamn, I hate drawing guns. I guess I should've used a better picture for reference than the Tropic Thunder poster.

Anyhoo, there are only eight episodes left this season, so we're no longer taking requests for future episodes.

WHOO! Front page!
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Great flash! Reminds me of the 'Neurotically Yours' series :D

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I must agree and dis-agree with some of the thoughts in this video.

First of all, I totally, totally agree that Total Drama Island sucks ass. It is by far one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen (next to annoying orange and fr3d). I agree the characters are total cardboard cutouts and easily stereotyped.

I do not agree with, "Go watch a real reality tv show". I think that statement is too general, are you suggesting I watch "Hannah Montanta" or "Survivor"? Should I watch "Jessie" or "Keeping up with the kardashians"? You know what I mean. Personally the reason I watch cartoons is to escape reality, but be sucked back into it. I think total drama island is a failure as a TV show in itself, but of course ignorant children inhale it voraciously.

You know I get it's a bad show, but that's because I was born in the Era of great cartoons, Like Powerpuff Girls, like Ran and Stimpy. Children nowadays are born with these stupid cartoons and grow up believing that's all they can be. I don't think it's ever gonna matter how much anyone criticizes the show. If Cartoon Network, Disney, or Nickelodeon promotes it, it's gonna be popular.

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I have absolutely loved the toons these days reviews, becuase, despite not always agreeing with them, they're usually right-on-the-dot correct. For this installment, I must say that it's a bit lacking on your end, a bit shorter than usual, but, then again, there's not exactly that much to cover. It's a cartoon version of every reality show, except made even more poorly and as a parody that sort of missed the mark. As always, your animation is well done, the audio is inviting, clear and exciting and I pray that you continue to make these. Might I suggest you take aim at the newest addition to the Cartoon Network lineup: Annoying Orange. A wonderful, entertaining and well-made series; and a job well done.

I agree with tis guy since the first episode of this shit. This lead to me watching Daily Show and later C-Span. This ruined cartoons for me I think.

i was with you until......you saud watch an actual reality tv show. Yeah cause those werent the death of good tv shows. was good till you magical fuck up at the end. If your gonna preach dont preach stupid.

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