The Freelance Police

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So this is a video that took an extremely long time to finish, but it's about two freelance police officers, and they try to solve a crime that has to do with some gas station getting robbed.

What I think is kinda funny is how you can tell that the development of this was prolonged, gradually you'll see the style of drawing and some of the colors change, I didn't even notice until I was almost done, and looking back, I think the closer to the beginning, the worse the art and animation looks, but I really don't feel like redoing anything because I'm so glad I finally finished this thing in the first place, lol.

Thanks to everyone who voiced in it and helped out. Also thanks to Kreid and Daigonite for beta testing, And as always I thank you as well, for watching it. Even if you don't like it. :I Enjoy!

Edit: Thanks Tommmmyyyyyy :))))))))) you make making this all worth while.

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...... AWESOME!!! hey wait a sec!!! isent Ricepirate also in a minecraft??? ohh.. thats him!

i was laughing from the time he drops that girl to answer his cell, i lost my shit near the end

Loved the movie! My favorite part:
Oh,thanks for saving me. I didnt save you! "Shoots"
You made my day. Because i cant stop laughing. Good job!

This was amazing. I loved the movie, it was funny, and well animated. Your art style is amazing, and the sound effects really work. The storyline is really good, and the voice acting even better. Keep this kinda stuff up, because this, was awesome.