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My First

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This is my first animation I have ever made. So I'm mostly looking for feed back and tips on how not to suck.
The goron was originally going to rape me and it was supposed to be really graphic but... i felt bad for cartoon me :P

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Hahahaha for ur first one its simple weird and funny... good job man!

Very good for your first :D

Well, this is your first animation but I think it should be better than this. Try to come up with something creative to put in a cartoon, especially if it were your first. I see that you put Ganon as one of the tags for this one, but I don't see him anywhere. If you were gonna make a parody of Zelda, then there should be more than just some random Goron. Try to take something that's questionable (as in weird) from a Zelda game such as the hand in a toilet from Majora's Mask, and use that to make your parody. You can do whatever you want, I'm just giving you an idea here.

I hope I helped you because, I myself haven't made animations yet. When I do, I hope that other people will like them. Well what I now have to say is, that you can go ahead and make more cartoons and just hope for the best!

Topgannon responds:

haha thats because my last name is actually Gannon haha XD but thank you for the advice

For a first, quite good. I made a flash animation once, and you did quite a lot better than me.
The good: a bit random humor, lip synching, character design, realizing you should have a background, letting everyone know that you want to add it and then do without. ;-)
The Bad: I did not like the really fast transitions between his movements, The music did not really fit imo.
All in all I think you have potential, just keep at it!

Topgannon responds:

Yeah. The big problem i have is I'm lazy :P I was gonna make it go longer but... I'm lazy haha and yeah the quick movement bothers me too. I really need to work on that. but thanks for watching. :D

this was amazingly good for a first animation