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Cop Dog

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Awww sheet, its the mothafukin copdog.

Thanks Chris and Mick for doing voices <3

THERE IS AN EASTER EGG. It's hidden in the chiefs office.

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5/5 intro


That was awesome!

"Cop Dog, youre one crazy son of a bitch", i will remember that :)

the easter egg was the best.thing.ever. also, the animation was pretty funny.

I liked the movie a lot. Great humour, art style and animation. Although there is one thing I didn't like.
You completely ripped of the last scene where the bad guys have a meeting from a Simspons episode (Season 2, Episode 15). Even Old Man Skelle-bones looks the same and dies the same as the mastermind in the popular cartoon. Other than that it was flawless.

i found the easter egg!!! lock at the chiefs picture with hes mom you well see he eyes diferit and quick click on the picture