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High Scores

1. armydanywolf 1,000
2. hereislolo 462
3. ZeoTerraBladeOmega 462
4. Madwon 422
5. ShitHourGames 333
6. BlueChel5 259
7. theholyfedora 215
8. Knuckstrike 205
9. TaruDemon 202
10. StarLovesSlenderman 167
11. McTravin 159
12. CorrosionOfMind 143
13. Zombieslayer123454 141
14. Em6er 120
15. LuckyHeart 120
16. gamejunkie 110
17. LacyLeeDevils 85
18. SilentCavalier 70
19. ktm00 44
20. SmashLuigiFan1 44

Author Comments

collect the peaches and trust your eyes


The first what I think is: "What the.." But nice game.. ;)

This game is pretty cool and you should add medals like : Snatched no monkey but or Made it past 10,50,100... lol ^.^

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ShitHourGames responds:

thx for feedback!

Tankman was better. I want tankman II: The Return of Tankman!

Well, combine one of the greatest novelty songs in the universe, with a funny idea, and you get an amusing. Just a few things, you should make it where if you let a peach drop it subtracts from your score to ramp up the difficulty or say if 10 peaches drop it adds an 'X'. Plus maybe change around the music where it just doesn't free play. Give it a structure in the game. Still, very fun and well done !!!

Cool. I like this game because it is a test of how good your eyes are and how good your reaction time is. Hand-eye coordination test! I also really like the song. What is the song by the way?

ShitHourGames responds:

We are glad that you like. its Robert John - The lion sleeps tonight

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Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2012
4:12 AM EDT
Skill - Collect