Crystal Devourer

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I originally made this flash for a collab which unfortunately didn't come to be because of a lack of participants. So I've decided to submit the part I made on it's own.

Thanks for the Daily award and FP!

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I loved the music, is so relaxing and beautiful.. the animation was interesting, I liked the colours and shapes of characters. The interpretation of the video, is quite obvious sadly, mmm... it's a nice creation, I just wish it had more story or meaning

good music,nice concept but needs a little more meaning to it like a moral at the end but otherwise its pretty good!

This is one those rare cases where the title says it all...
I think I get that because this was part of a collab that never happened it feels unfinished, I understand you wanting to put it on here after putting the work into it, it's nice, well played music, interesting subplot, and open-ended for possibilities. The key dropping suggests to me, if you were to make a follow up, a bit longer with a more definitive ending, be it a happy or not, you would see some pretty happy viewers. Thanks for this, I did like it.

it had interesting concepts and was simple to follow. Although i do fel as though you should try a different animation style, and add more to the stories, just for that i feel like you had alot of possiblity for more.

most people make happy endings and i was waiting for one
just blow my head changeing that

well animated but i think there is a probmel whit the sound or its just me?

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4.12 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2012
1:15 PM EDT