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Renewal (Beta)

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If you think you've seen this game before? You may have, after many very large updates and fixes Renewal has hit a new stage in its development with some great new features. Just for the record I understand that many games have updates come to them really slowly and I would like you all to know that this is the only project the Renewal team is working on so we put alot of time and work into it.

If you are interested in the development of this project then check out any of the following two URLs:
http://www.renewalthegame .blogspot.ca (Recommended)
com/index.php/topic,10615 .0.html

Feel free to comment/PM me about the game and we are always accepting recommendations for features as well. We want what YOU want :)

P.S Enjoy the game and rate it good? :)

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This is a Beta, only submit complete games. More content and better graphics would help.

it need a lot more places to go and more quest and i cant find out how to save the game

Well the menu's glitched me out right after I created the axe in the work shop in the weapons menu.

It need's work and you should try to add text box's for the characters when then have some speech.

for a 'short' demo not bad. I would like to see a note from the old man where he tells that all that is left of the demo is killing the undead until you die. I found the attack selection a bit clunky and annoying to have to select a weapon and then attack but can hit hand and attack that way... also sign promps in the demo as well telling it is a demo. also an auto kill on the demo at 12:00... a music turn off and quality switch are also a must.

other things I would like to see from this in final/future released updates

-control custom option
-menu setting option
-a money system
a town survival senario where you apparently are the only one capable of going out and living 5 steps outside the 'safety net'
-ranged attacks to start fights (both you and special undead)
-abandoned supply drop spots guarded heavily (a sort of mini-boss area)
-an over the top story

I can go on but I think you get the idea of wants... not only from me but everyone

P.S. I can wait 3 weeks for an update... I hope I love it too

tgbtom20 responds:

Thank you :) Now many of the ideas you mentioned have already been thoroughly polanned. But a new thing I do like is the abandoned supply drop spots, and ranged hits to start a fight. Maybe even make it possible to kill (with a gun) before even going into a fight. But we will see what options turn out well and such. I do however appreciate the feedback very much :)

wow cant wait for the updates <3

tgbtom20 responds:

You should keep up with the Stencyl forum page for this then. The next update is awhile away because I will be camping for three weeks. So you will have to wait around a month and a half unfortunately. But after that you can expect to recieve rapid updates for the next couple :)