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Vectro Bit Wars

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Author Comments

This Game is a Geometry Wars Clone.
Play with Upgrades, Ranks, Medals.

Mouse = Shot
WASD = Move
Space = Pause

With cheat function!!!
Press insert ;-)

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This has potential if you polish the interface. Maybe add a mini-map, definitely add more weapon types (guided missiles, lazers, etc.). For now it's all pretty bland.

maclor responds:

guided missiles, lazers, .....
is a good idiea
I just have to much on the fps eighth
I look sometimes affect how such weapons on the game

Pretty good little game. A few thoughts though regarding details and some game mechanics. For one there is a spelling mistake, "private" is spelled without an e. Also the yellow and cyan enemies seem to have the same targeting function. The orange "+" also sometimes spawns on the player without warning. A small "tutorial" at the beginning would be nice too, I wasn't aware of the upgrade screen until I died. When you upgrade your gun. it is slightly unfair as you fire 2 instead of one, but your ammo goes down at the 2 bullets a shot also, it would be more fair to make it 1. Fix these few unfair loop holes and it would be a very nice small game.

P.S. This game is also great due to its room for improvement- add more upgrades, medals, and enemies.

maclor responds:

tut is in work :-)
thx for the good comment

= The controls do not respond

maclor responds:


klick on the game

Is the menu where you can upgrade the ship or send highscores the end? Because i cant find a way to exit out of it

maclor responds:

press space :-)