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In this parody, we look into why the player's character is so slow, and why Slenderman is so... slender.

Really glad with how this came out. Experimented with movie clips alot more, doing lots of glow and blur effects. Only problem is when I watch it back, some tweens of the guy sitting at his computer look choppy as opposed to smooth after adding the glow of the computer screen on top of him, but it's not a huge problem I suppose. The very end scene actually made me laugh out loud when I first watched back the skeleton animation of it... I mean obviously I find all (well, most) of my videos funny, but that was the first time I giggled like a schoolgirl at something I created. Yeah, I know its the most retarded scene in the whole vid, but hey, thats what tickles me pink, apparently.

EDIT: Awwwwh yeah bro, frontpage! Thanks to Tim Flurp and the rest of the NudeGrounds team, aswell as all the voters and stuff. YA-TA! *jumps in mid-air, freezeframes*

EDIT2: Re-did the preloader image because the old one was plain and boring. Maybe I'm obsessive-compulsive over this stuff but I actually put effort into the preloader and thumbnail images xP Also decided to learn how to use buttons so now you can travel to my almighty YouTube page too with a single clicketty click... of a button! Subscribe and... stuff... yadda yadda... and of course the button won't work now. Shit, hold on.

EDIT3BILLION: And it works now lul


The character in the game is supposed to be a girl holding a camera and a flashlight, that's why you get all the static when he ass rapes you. But this is still fucking hilarious.

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SpeedoSausage responds:

I did a fat guy with a fleshlight, its pretty close.

Lay off the pies tubby lol

Haha, cute! Reminds me a lot of Snowdrift (also front page at the moment). What is it with these psychological horror dudes and stuffing their faces?

A fair number of little jokes and some great facial expression, great for what it was!

Wow this became so popular after pewdiepie started playing it,nice animation but the joke was..ok I guess.

You know you can sprint?

SpeedoSausage responds:

Yeah, for about 2 seconds every 2 minutes

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4.23 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2012
10:33 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody