Sonic Z ep.1 (preview)

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(UPDATE - 22/-7/2012: I really hate it when people decrease the rank so here are some instructions {PRESS SPACE BAR TO PROCEED DIALOGUE & TO SKIP THE RECAP!)

Well, I made plans for a flash called Sonic Z and it is after all the events in Sonic X! Experience the NEW POWER OF PLATINUM THE HEDGEHOG!!!

I won't progress more as I will go back to making SMBZ KAI ep.1 for Evertte87. Don't worry, it will come soon!

Press SPACE to skip the recap...

If you didn't notice, check out my Deviantart profile!

http://krazzygamer3y2.dev iantart.com

Have fun with my preview...


This is...pretty mediocre at best. First of all, did you even put this through a spell check? The dialogue is horrendous. And the story, thus far, seems to play like every Sonic fan fiction ever made. Shadow's brother? Why does he have to have any relation to Shadow whatsoever? And it's not like the design is anything to awe over either. But that's just minor nitpicking.

The animation itself, however, looks somewhat promising. But I think you need a lot more work on your presentation in general. Such as when Shadow is walking, why does he need to have to randomly teleport to go up one stair? It just threw the entire animation off for me for some reason. Though everything ran smoothly, I'll give you that.

My major problem is with your spelling and grammar. An example: "The remains of Cosmo was a small seed, if then.." If then what? Mistakes like that make me question either your age or if English isn't your native language. And if so, then produce something in your own language. And if you really want it to come out in English, then ask someone who speaks fluent English to translate it for you to fix errors such as these.

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit harsh, but I see promise in you in regards to animation. The story...lets just say don't plan on writing any novels anytime soon. "HOW ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS ON SOME FORM!" ...Just...what?

P.S. Put a skip option in the introduction next time. Or at least have it scroll a tad faster. If you're gonna copy something from Mark Haynes, at least have the courtesy of doing it right. Good luck on future projects, and sorry for the harsh review.

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The sprite work is competent, but the writing is utterly abysmal.

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Look great, can't wait for first episode.
Also, see if you find some voice actors, though is a good idea to allow the viewer to go at their own pace.

too long for an intro and it stops when eggface goes "Ahh shadow the hedgehog ive been expecting you.
(i know it says preview but preview means a short clip, not just a guy saying one thing the entire rest of the flash)

Krazzygamer3y2 responds:

Press SPACE bar to proceed through dialogue!

Amazing work! :) Great story, and animation! The space-bar feature will be a good feature for this project, as the story is quite good as of now. XD I wish you could go back to finishing this after SMBZ Kai and Super Smash Bros. Z. Nice work!

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Jul 12, 2012
7:16 AM EDT