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Chop trees, plant trees, mine iron and build up a defense against the technology destroying zombots.

A game for robot day and stencyl jam 2012


ATTENTION: If you played before you meight need to clear your catch to play in the latest version (the one with the mute button)


The game gets interesting at the start, but there´s too many bugs, why is not a button to cancel the construction of something? How can i use the energy received the WindMill? And why is there no more building i can build?
If you solve those problems the game will be popular, as it should.

It is way, WAY too difficult to access the fullscreen option. You have to right-click on the game window and click on "Enter fullscreen". The problem is that clicking on the game in any way locks your mouse onto the game, making it impossible to click the button. I've only gotten it to work a few times.

GuyUngerNL responds:

I'm sorry, stencyl made it that way.
I could add a fullscreen button but I dont really think it's necessairy.

This is a great game, love the gameplay and the challenge, but I find it annoying how when you play again you are forced lose since the enemy has no life bar and you do no damage

A good game marred by pacing.

Overall this is good. Graphics are good the sound is good the design is good. I like the mix of resources and the learn as you play style as opposed to a tutorial. The biggest problem is that the game needs some sort of save.

This is a turn based game. Day phase is a mad dash to get optimal clicks and the night is a consequence of what you did in the day. Awesome idea! The resources are many and affected in different ways by different actions and each other. Super awesome idea! So why a 3?

Exploring this game is hard. Hard in the patience sense. As other people have commented - finding out how to charge is difficult, finding out how to mine can be frustrating and finding the best plan of action can be very frustrating. the biggest reason for this is the very slim margin of error that has been built in. Figuring out how to charge will cause a player to die (and game over) a good dozen times on night 2 or 3. This is a huge turn off because we will have played day one and two over and over and over and over... to then decide to spend resources differently on day three.

How to fix this?
1. Save + Load. - All is forgiven if we can choose to save. Felt we were doing well on day 5 and want to try a few things; save and load means we can skip days 1-4 which we are repeating.

2. Less pressure. - Start with one less zombot. Now there is less pressure when the charge disapears. We will figure out that we need to be building better, but it wont be insta-game-over on night 3. As a player I like to think I can recover from mistakes rather than being insta killed for them.

This game is like a maze with electrified walls being solved by a blind person. We like mazes because we can backtrack and try something else. In contrast, this game forces us to start over.

Good, and frustratingly close to great.

Keep it up!

Ah, competition. One of the reasons why I play this now. And probably the only reason I play this game.

After you think about where to put your buildings, it gets boring after awhile. Plus the slow paced gameplay is tiring and so easy, I wrote this review while on wave 16 with my 3 turrets, and lived, with none of my buildings getting killed. Also I nearly fell asleep.

It's a fun game, but it gets boring after awhile, say, 10 minutes? It would help if you added a Fast Forward button, a pause button, some more interesting buildings, and more space.

Until then, your only getting 3.5 stars from me. Sorry.

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2.65 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2012
11:51 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense