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Deviantart version is finally up

A animator gets frustrated over uploading a swf file and gets the aid of Deus Ex Machnia.

Really sorry...I had to limit my animation skills to reach the deadline and fear it might cost me a couple of stars.

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Wow, when on this website, it had the limit of exceeding 20 MB, when the flash file .swf itself had a lot of weight to upload in this, which is why if you spend that amount of weight to upload a single animation in flash and .swf format there was no longer allowed.
So, well that that is no longer currently demanding that minimum weight, so if it was frustrating not to upload your animation if you exceeded that minimum weight that required 20 MB, so you had to resort to a weight reducer of the format. swf, which is why it takes away the quality of the .swf format but you could still upload it


I rather liked this video, the only problem was the machinima guy needs a better mic or you need a better voice actor for him.

A lot of anger in this movie, i like it.

I had the same problem, i had to render again the whole animation in parts and paste it all on Flash, but yeah, the quality decreases

20MB max uploads lead to anger and anger leads to the dark side

MadameMochete responds:

Yeah your Megaman movie looks great. I hope you win something

Some of the audio qualities that you mentioned were something of a problem for me, it was difficult to hear at parts but thats ok. I really enjoyed how this is almost EXACTLY what happens to people when they have trouble getting thier files on here and after months of work, they get bad reviews with everyone marking 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, and 1 xD

I thought that was spot on. well.....besides the Dues Ex part but that occassionally happens xD.
anyway keep things going :)

P.S the female voice actor sounds alot like a Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie impression if you dont mind me saying.