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S.R.A.G.: Resurrection

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Award Winning 5 Points

Play the original S.R.A.G.

Bad Start 5 Points

Fall in the first hole.

Escape 5 Points

Watch the opening cutscene.

Back For More 10 Points

Continue a saved game.

Blaster 10 Points

Fully upgrade fire rate.

Blurr 10 Points

Fully upgrade speed.

First Aid 10 Points

Fully upgrade health.

Hide Of Iron 10 Points

Fully upgrade defense.

Jet Fire 10 Points

Fully upgrade jetpack.

Magnetic 10 Points

Get the magnet power.

Power Ranger 10 Points

Fully upgrade power.

Slow Learner 10 Points

Die 25 times.

Walk In The Park 10 Points

Beat the first boss.

Bullseye 25 Points

Beat the second boss.

Robuddy! 25 Points

Find Robuddy.

Breakdown 50 Points

Beat the final boss.

Fire In The Sky 50 Points

Beat the third boss.

Maxed Out 50 Points

Fully upgrade everything.

Punisher 50 Points

Kill 50 enemies.

Resurrection 100 Points

Resurrect the super robot.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Super Robot Action Game: RESURRECTION
Robot Day 2012

**The Story**
With the Super Robot overwhelmed, Earth was swiftly destroyed. The fate of humanity now rests in your hands. Can you find enough power cells to resurrect the Super Robot before all hope is lost?

Resurrection is the sequel to last year's award-winning Robot Day game Super Robot Action Game. In this action-adventure space platformer, fight aliens to collect experience and buy upgrades. Defeat each of the four bosses to earn a power cell. Collect four power cells to resurrect the Super Robot so it can continue fighting evil throughout the galaxy.

WASD - Move
Arrows - Shoot
SPACE - Pause game, go to Upgrades screen
1-6 - Buy upgrades
M - Mute
(WASD/Arrow keys can be swapped on the Help screen.)

Your progress is automatically saved.

**Version 1.01 update**
Stopped health from regenerating while the game is paused.

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Great game. The way it should be. Newgrounds desperately needs more stuff like that.
It's been three years, maybe it's time for sequel?

Pyrofire, to beat the final boss you need the help of a small robot called robbidy. You can find it before arriving the second boss, 4 levels before. You hab¡ve to look up to screen finding a rounds rock.
Jump to it and you will find a small blue and black robot.

final boss is waaaaaay too difficult compared to the rest of the game.
the very steep change in difficulty is just discouraging, and it does not make the game fun. it just makes it annoying.

Muzikler iyi, oyun tam bitmesi gereken yerde bitiyor. helal len :D

This is what a retro game is. When I say that, I mean it has the look and sound of retro, but also the feel of it. Since my computer can play it without any problem or slowness, it obviously only has as much data as it needs to have to be a retro game. Most games like this move so slowly on my computer I wonder exactly what it is about the game that's causing it, since there's hardly anything to look at. But this one was smooth and fast, and easy to enjoy. At one point I just decided to go back and forth between screens to get powerups until I was full. It was cool that I could do that, but also it took a little bit of grinding.

The only thing that wasn't too great about it was the length. Perhaps a little bit more grinding could've added a stronger sense of accomplishment at the end. Not too much, you never want a game to get boring or repetitive. Like if it took twice as much purple stuff to get another powerup. And earning special attacks would be interesting. Maybe if the last stretch were longer and had one extra boss where you got to control the giant one while escaping. Maybe one small robot your size that is as powerful as you and you have to beat it before getting to that boss.

Overall, it was decent. Good way to leave off for a second game.