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Some times it happens...

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Some times we dont realise that those people we admire might be very busy... this is what most of our idols would say if they could...


Much more of a moral story (obviously :P) with a little bit of comedy sprinkled in it. The animations where smooth and audio was nice too. Room for improvement would be adding little things to your animating. (small things really do help!!!) In your case, it seemed that the charecter was on a computer, adding a computer mouse to it would of made it better. Also your table was 2-d, so making it look 3-d or atleast a little more detail to it would look nice also. Adding some stuff, like paintings in the background always is a better way to making things look more appealing to the eye. These small things usally make a big difference when getting better ratings for flashes like these. I hope that my review helps you make better animations in the future if you decide to make more.

Two out of Five.

ConanTheCimmerian responds:

Man, i wish i could favourite this comment. Thanks for the advices, ill take it for the next animation. Thanks for everything!

Not funny at all. More like preaching an ideal.

ConanTheCimmerian responds:

The videos usually have a moral....

hmmmmm.... the video has a point

That was pretty good! Made me laugh!

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what is this? where is the joke? can you tell me in what you based doing this?

ConanTheCimmerian responds:

1. This is just a prove for slow face motions and stuff like that.
2. This is the second animation i upload here. With times everything gets better.
3. I dont like making animations whose humour is based just based in violence or sex reference.
4. Im not Egoraptor. If you wanna see something related to him, go ahead and look for it.
5. What did you expect from a person who has just made 2 animations, a Richard Williams work or what?


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2.93 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2012
1:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original