virus teaser

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just teaser not realy good but half of game that i am creating so enjoy no audio no levels
not hard short


it need better controls. ctrl for jump is horrible.

asdlionko responds:

i can fix that

Not a great game. didn't work very well, and there was no real fun to it, buttons were easy though. 1 star

Sorry, cant give you stars becouse, the game is REALLY Glitchy, you jump and its like the player jump twice in the air and the bullets are really glitchy too, At the start "enter press enter press" You bounce through walls, the player when is on the floor moves like jumping, when you shoot the virus it disappear and you can play alone moving without shooting anyone, when you run the character have a moving thing in his back, 0/5 stars

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asdlionko responds:

its ok sorry for bad game

this game is not very good its fun but the controls are messy the half bar has no perpuse because as soon as u get hit u die and most of the time it looks like u r doing unnatural things to the wall and air

It's *really* glitchy, but from what I *could* play, it seems like it's a nice concept.
Try and work out all the bugs and such from it, then maybe I'll try again.

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1.78 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2012
9:52 AM EDT
Strategy - Other