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Caveman Prototype

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http://www.newgrounds.com /collection/nggamejam7

Team Monkey Barrel made this for Game Jam 7! An evil shaman has
placed an icy spell on Caveman's village! Caveman must get back to it to
save his people! Our theme was "freeze", so enjoy! This here is a prototype,
we want to expand on this in the future!

arrow keys- movement
D- swing torch to freeze enemy
space bar- pick up frozen enemy (must be standing on top)

note- LDAF hopped on board a little late on the first day as a musician.

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I think this game can go a long way if there was a simple menu, and a restart level button


I don't imagine many people are able to beat this game like I was. It's incredibly difficult. With regards to what Geektard said, it's important to only be able to pick up blocks while standing on them so that you have to plan ahead if you're going to freeze a caveman.

- Chase cavemen into the water by waving your torch from a distance to turn them into sideways blocks.
- Throw blocks farther by holding left or right when you press space.
- After using a block to reach a ledge, you can bring the block with you because grabbing a block will make you automatically jump. You can do the same with blocks in the water.
- If there's a block that's too far out into the water to retrieve, you can throw another block in the water to use as a stepping stone. After you grab the block from the middle of the water and land on the stepping stone, you can retrieve the stepping stone since it's closer to land.

Here's a screenshot from the last level to prove I made it at least that far: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/

JoSilver responds:


Hopefully when (or if) the full version is done it will have a simple training level to get the player familiar with the mechanics of the game.

This is actually a really good game!

The concept is pretty awesome, and you did exactly what game jams are supposed to do, prototype a game idea. I didn't get too far but it's pretty fun messing around with the enemies and stuff. There's definitely potential here to develop it further.

pros: It was fun to simply freeze my enemies into something more useful rather than outright kill them
the animations were absolutely hilarious! The engine excelled at what it did.

cons: The engine was a bit small and the game is largely unfinished. Once you complete the game, you should re-submit it (via editing) ;)

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4.27 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2012
1:24 AM EDT