AV: The Pixel Lord

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Mission 1, Level 1 5 Points

You got past the first level.

The Moon 5 Points

Those circles and Flash 8 filters are beautiful, I tell ya!

You Lose! 5 Points

Loser! You're a loser! Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Well you should be cause you are dirt! You make me sick, you big baby!

Mission 1, Level 2 10 Points

You got past the 2nd level!

Mission 1, Level 3 25 Points

Congratulations for getting past the 3rd level!

Mission 1, Level 4 25 Points

Beat the fourth level of your very first mission!

You Win! 50 Points

You won the game! And endured all of its annoying resets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Hi, Newgrounders. While this is not the first game I've uploaded here, it's the first real game I put effort in that wasn't just a bunch of "here's a bunch of info about a game."

Arrow keys to move, space to shoot, try not to hold down space when the level is about to finish.


The objective is to not die for 30 seconds. Which means you can either simply avoid them or use the spacebar to shoot.

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Fun game, kinda tricky

This is a nice game. The graphics are decent and the gameplay is nice as well. but you added your own ideas and thats what i really liked here, and while it could use some more, it was a good start of a game. Haha the "YOU-LOSE" medal was the easiest yet it was funny aswell, and its kinda neat that you added some sound to go along with it, so that alreay makes it kind of "UNIQUE" so nice job there on adding something differant. so more shades and detail could be added like to the ship and backrounds, Now that i think about it im getting tited of the YOU/LOSE one hehe its all in good fun, this is one of those games that make you mad but also its makes you happy so its all in good fun, anyways good game. It's cool to see how ideas and themes is used. I love it when and artist uses his or her full potential. As you have with this one. And i know you have the skills because you have produced such a fine piece.

So for a game you have a decent submission, there was not a whole bunch that could be improved but i believe i have found a few items here and there that you ould work on, Some things seemed like they were abit overused But maybe you could experiment abit The "GRAPHICS" could use more detail, like the ship could use some shine and shades to it, As an extra option of effect you can have some blinking stars, so that it gives off a real effect of some stars.

This was a kinda good game but isn't the "You Lose!" medal description from king of the hill?

Well, this was too easy! Very easy secret(try to cheat) XD. It's short, with fun medals. The losing medal is rude though.

the screen doesn't clear when the level starts and you randomly lose when the screen is clear...

giving it a one star cus it has a chance to collect all trophies but the game lack on complete course if your still holding on the space bar u have a glitch wither to start over the same level even though u complete it or even get hit by an enemy without out even knowing ,need to fix that.

Credits & Info

2.55 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2012
5:13 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight