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Author Comments

When the world is struck with spirits of the forgotten, one man can stop them, Scare. A lonely husk of an exterminator goes city to city helping those with a shade problem, but what he doesn't know is that he is needed for something far greater than the lesser shades.

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Plot was kinda decent I guess... The animation is pretty amateur ( I don't know I don't really animate) and voice was less of enthusiastic...
Patience is the key to success..so take your time in creating your ideal animation cos I got the feeling that you just wanted to submit to submit this ya know?
I'm going to give you a 3 for effort!!! And cos I know you'll improve over time.

seriously nothing new i mean i has idea like this when i was 5 or 6 years old for the graphic i would give you good point if it where liek you first animaiton so yeah forgot about those point bro anyway do not continute this serie i would have gived you 5 star and 5 pico if i was 5 or 6 years old -.-

LefyBoy responds:

Why would I discontinue a series because you had an idea similar to this when you were 5? I appreciate your time in writing this review, but I won't stop this series, my skill can only go up, I won't stop now.

your animation is a little lacking in the sence that it runs slow (story vs, timing, not animation speed) and you don't have much to go by. this is a good start though, I can see a lot of potential in your story. In my opinion, use long pauses (like done with the naming of the sword) to build up suspence before or after a fight. Use really fast motions durring the fight and slightly faster motions durring the peaceful times. I walk down a street faster than Scare does, which makes it drawn out rather than captivating. Also, keep consistancy.. if he has a hand without an arm, still use his hand to grasp the sword. How the blade appeared when you named the sword, his fingertips would be showing and the bottom of his palm too, showing that he has a hand.

But this could all just be me. It's a compelling story all in all and I hope you keep it up.

LefyBoy responds:

I appreciate your review and I will definitely take your points, good ones mind you, into consideration when creating the next episode.

Pretty decent, actually, work on the coloration of your character, and create an animation for when he kills the shades, also, this music is crud. But you got a 4 because of the story's potential.

LefyBoy responds:

I appreciate your review,

The animation was not very good so you lose 2.5 stars.
The sound was... strange but you have one so that good. They are not emotion in the voice. For those two thing I remove .5
I can skip the start but is to long... very to long. It should be around 10 sec. If we skip the start your video is to short. The character are badly draw. Try do make more detail on them like some shadow under some equip or some texture and try to not hide the fight with black screens. Draw them will add some good element in your project.The voice you use is without emotion. Try to add some sound like the character expiry or add some volume. Start to speak slowly and when the character get angry make him speak faster. Change those think and your video will be better.

LefyBoy responds:

Thank you for your review and you had some very good points that I will take into consideration when making the next episode.