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Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 21, Reach For it is a game about getting your ship out of the large maze consumed with creatures that, generally speaking, try to kill you.

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there should bee medals, one for not dying, one for not shooting/killing and one for completing this game.

That was a very nice ten-minute time-waster, which was *just* what I wanted! Very stylish game and challenging but not frustrating. Loved the art style. The complete lack of sound was not so great and really took away from it but you did do this in 48 hours, so I can forgive you. <3

enjoyed playing 10 mins 9k shots 49 deaths as some1 posted control changing option would be great

Yet another 48 hour game by Drazzke, "Reach For It" delivers you to a furturistic, almost digital world. You are a small green ship that is attempting to exit the fortress. Simple, right? Wrong. Gates, razors, and enemy ships do anything they can to impede your progress to freedom. Can you do it?

Now for the review. For being a 48 hour game, this is another blast. Although it only took me 20 minutes to complete, I was satisfied the whole time with how simple and smooth the game was. There aren't any really flashy animations, but the game keeps you on your toes with the simple attacks of your enemies. I did find myself getting slightly dizzy when I repeatedly died on one area with how you flash-spawned, rather than watch a death scene, but nothing is getting deducted from that.

The action, although just as simple as the game's graphics, is enough to keep you entranced and playing through. You will die fairly often, but check points are USUALLY placed in convenient locations (There were some that I had thought "Why the hell is that even there?"). The only downside to this game is how short it is, but that's because it was only developed in 48 hours. Oh, and the lack of sound was a disappointment, although it might have gotten grating after only 5 minutes.

So what does all of this mean? For a 48 hour game, this is phenominal. Flashing lights, simple graphics, a standard mouse-trap scheme, and a decent amount of difficulty come together in holy matrimony, harbored only by the lack of music and short length. The final score consists of four flashy stars out of five.

I think I like this game :)

This game was definitely fun. But it isn't a game that I would play all day long. Somethings could be changed to make it funner, but this game isn't anything out of the ordinary :/

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3.12 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2012
4:05 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional