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MS12Ds Episode 3

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Jun 22, 2012 | 11:36 AM EDT

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Disclaimer -----------------
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Mario And Sonic: The 12 Destroyers - Episode 3: The Prophecy!
For the background story, please visit Episode 1 and 2
P.S. You would want to view this animation on a Low or Medium Quality for the best Smoothness. Just right click and select Quality.
Credits ------------------------
All the music tracks and sprites in this animation is owned by its rightful owner, this project is a free and non profit project, we do not claim to own the sprites nor the characters.
Nintendo Characters (c) Nintendo
Sega Characters (c) Sega
MS12Ds animated by Ingo-Lingo



Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey i love your work and i bet the others like it also.

for the fans
i saw episode 4 on his deviantart page. you can get there through the link on his newgrounds channel/


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a pretty fun series to watch and you got great gimmicks such as the Good Shadow and the Yoshi Army. It's great and all, but honestly you're gonna need much more to consider this an original. Right now it's "Oh let's dump Sonic and Mario characters into one scene and have them work together to destroy generic enemies no one cares about". Now that would work 5 years ago, but now these days we all saw what sprite mario and sonic has to offer. Also, im not liking the "Power Level" system. Not only that it doesn't fit into the series, but it pointless since viewers would probably too focused on the fighting to care about the levels. Plus, the "12 Destroyers" plot sounds like something from a typical action anime. Mainly because the viewers will obviously know that the destroyers will eventually be defeated. You need to at least work on making things less obvious for the viewers and give something to look forward to.

I hope I didn't mean to offend you, just hoping that you take this as advice.

Ingo-AlzFlash responds:

Yes, i already had that in mind from the very start of the series, thanks for the advice anyway, future episodes will reveal a very different and unique story that is pretty much original, it will surely surprise everyone!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, I know where you're going with this, so I hope that you find a way to set your series apart from the rest. Consider this - perhaps make the setting Completely in Sonic's world? Or, make both parties go to a different world, so they're both fish out of water and add a third party, something that they would really need to team up on, because we all know Mario can solo Bowser no matter how many upgrades you give him, just look at ALL HIS GAMES. Or Influences from a different anime? Take your viewers somewhere they haven't been yet. See, Alvin created a whole new genre of sprite movies... he raised the standard for Mario/Sonic movies. I do not think you should follow in his footsteps or even try to surpass him, and no, I'm not saying that you can't, what I'm saying is you should try to seek new fans, and give them a more unique world to view instead of people looking for a substitute for SMBZ. TL;DR Try something new. Think about that, and make the the fighting smoother. Also the Beach background was out of place with the other backgrounds. I know you can find a beach background from a Mario game. You cant leave craters in water either(In reference to the blue background, I saw waterfalls leading to it in the distance, and it looks like water but if it isn't sorry.)

What you're doing isn't bad. That's not why I made this review; I like sprite movies as much as other flash. But the biggest flaw in sprite movies in my opinion is that there are too many clones. GIVE US SOMETHING NEW! ;) At least think about it. Good Luck.

Ingo-AlzFlash responds:

Thank you for that.
People do like to see something different. I have in away included a 3rd party character, but they aren't as important as the Mario and Sonic characters are.

But over all I'm trying to go for a different story.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

so i think you should add silver


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ingo-AlzFlash responds: