Kagemono: The Shadow Folk

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My fourth year film at Calarts!


This is just perfect, beautiful, fluid, original, gorgeous, I just have to say I've seen really few videos able to compete in this cathegoy out there, is trmendously well designed and planned, you are a serious professional in this, keep it up, because you are the kind of person that truly inspires others into creating art, I take my hat off to you, congratulations.

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I freaking love the fact that I'm stumbling onto cartoons that I have heard appeared on film festivals. A pity I didn't first see them here, but they're still great. I guess the main reason I freaking love this cartoon so much is because the main character is so freaking cute! Heck, nearly everything is cute here. It's amazingly unpredictable! You would think that the skeleton creature was going to be a villian.

Of course, it's also wacky how the mouse is the villain. The voices were completely flawless in this! I guess it might seem kind of silly to have so many voices for a cartoon where characters just make sounds and not words, but it's worth it! I hope you win every award here and at that film festival! The animation reminds me of "Winnie The Pooh" to a certain extent. It certainly seems as adorable as that.

the animation was really smooth and well done, i also love the concept of the story that you made as well the music which fits perfectly with it.

you really did a great job with this.

It's tricky to give this a review on Newgrounds. ON NEWGROUNDS, it is fantastic. But that's because it's surrounded by a lot of terrible stuff. I think it's important instead to judge this outside of Newgrounds, in the world of real animation.

In that realm, this was very cute and nicely animated, but it really made no sense. It seemed cute for the sake of cute. The driving motivation of the characters felt shallow and empty, though. It was like some sugary cake covered in icing. Very sweet and nice to look at, but no filling substance. It was animation for animation sake, instead of telling a concrete story with real characters.

That's not to say it was BAD, it's just you need to focus on connecting the characters to actions for a reason, rather than just having actions because it's cute (or you feel like it should be that way). Ollie Johnston once said "YouĆ¢EUTMre not supposed to animate drawings. YouĆ¢EUTMre supposed to animate feelings." I didn't get "feelings" from these characters. When the fox was sad, it was sad because it made little whimpering noises, not because inside it felt sad, if that makes sense.

Your sense of design was quite lovely, and in that regard A+. Once you couple that with compelling characters whose actions are real and true, you'll be set! Keep at it, because you clearly have some great skill to bring to the industry. Much luck!

The animation was overly adorable and very smooth. It was enjoyable to watch from beginning to end. The sounds just pushed it over the top. I'm glad this is on the front page. Lately there have just been a ton of either pure comedy, or inappropriate comedy. There's nothing wrong with them but this is a very refreshing flash submission and I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a lot more of these on the site.

I can't wait to see more :~)

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Jun 21, 2012
12:52 AM EDT
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