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http://goldsickle.deviant art.com/art/Game-Instruct ions-309578609

After creating Snowball Fight & Hearts with DBarbarian, DBarbarian wanted to make a game where I direct instead, so I made use of his talented programming skills (which I have NONE) to cram Devil May Cry & Megaman X style gameplay into single game.

We had a lot planned.
We wanted 'Metroidvania' style progression, upgradable moves, massive boss fights, enemy variety and even damsels in distress for you to rescue.

But halfway into the project, we both realized that it was just too ambitious, too big for just *two* people to make.
Before we know it, the project got swept under the carpet and forgotten.

Until a friend of mine who I showed the playable beta reminded me about it and told me it was "awesome".
Even though all we have is a "test beta", I still don't like all those months of planning, designing, drawing and animating to go to waste.
I noticed that other contributors also upload 'unfinished' games, so I thought I might as well show this.

I contacted DBarbarian and he gave me the okay to submit this.

As I mentioned, I have ZERO programming skills.
I was responsible for the character designs, sprite animations (both player and enemy), as well as planning the game.

I consider myself a good character designer and a decent animator.
If anyone's interested in hiring me for their games, lemme know.

I know a lot of people have said it before but when I say "I have a nice idea for a game", I know what I'm talking about.

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i know it's a demo and all but i still don't get it. have you figured out the goal of the game? how come you can only jump? is there a menu? were you planning to make this game awesome?

Goldsickle responds:

Game instructions in the link, written in the description.

Well, this is a DEMO, so I only comment for what I expect to come of the finished projet.

First, I like the character model to be Larger, this one to small.
Second, voices if possible, and a good-match musics.
Third, I like more playable characters *maybe unlockable characters*
Fourth, maybe character and weapon leveling, shops, changable character clothing depending on her equipment perhaps.
Fifth, a game difficulty settings, sound/music on/off button.
Sixth, a skills tree *and a character class upgradable maybe?*

Anyway, my review of this game is that it was nice for a short game (DEMO). The art was really well made and motions is really fluid. It can be further improve if not asking to much, but the design and graphic are already among top compare to other flash game.

I am really looking forward to its completance, I have high hopes for it. Maybe making a big quality project *and having its own originality would be great*
Thanks for the good game, I enjoy it for what it worth

I loved this small demo! It looks so smooth and responsive (maybe a little too much?..). Overall, ill give it a four stars and a half!

This is amazing, you're amazing. I can't wait to see the finished game. Animations is lovely, combat plays really well. Really digging the aerial combat, makes for some cool combos. I do hope that for the final game, the player can start with only few attacks. It felt a little overwhelming with the different button combinations. I think it would be smart to ease players into that. Perhaps start the game with basic attacks, let the rest be earned or unlocked. You seem capable of creating great games, I'm sure this will turn out awesome.

Goldsickle responds:

As mentioned in the description, DBarbarian did all the programming and coding.
I only did the visuals, such as character design and animations.

It was planned earlier that you start with less moves and when you rescue kidnapped friends, you get a new ability that lets you explore different areas.

Well, after playing it, I figured that I might as well toss my thoughts on this game...well, at it.

The sprites and animations are very good. I still don't know whether or not those are original or ripped. The background needs a bit more work, but it's unfinished, so that's excusable.
The gameplay is great for something unfinished. However, it would seem a bit more natural if the weak attacks could combo into a strong attack. The walljumping is okay, needs a bit more work though.
There isn't any sound, which I would expect from an unfinished game, but I was expecting music. Music's just a nitpick. Games can have no music and be great.
The difficulty is perfect. Not too hard, but not too easy. However, you should at least be able to die or fight stronger enemies.

The game's fun, even though it's unfinished. It has some stuff that needs to be fixed, but I was mostly entertained to find anything majorly bad about it. It's good, but not the sweet prince.

Goldsickle responds:

The character design and sprite animations are done *from scratch* by me.
No ripping from any existing game whatsoever.

If you think they're ripped from somewhere, I wonder if I should take that as a compliment? <:3

Actually, you *can* combo from weak to strong.
Try this: W, W, E, E,

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2012
2:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other