Evolution of Magic 2

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Took an entire year to make and beta test, this has got to be the best game Amanda and myself had ever created. If you find any bugs, we'll fix them right up, no worries. Feel free to express any frustration as this game can be hardcore at times.

Cale has managed to regain his memories of his goal to reach his home world, Lost Planet. He's going to need Winty's help to get through the galaxy in one piece. This can only be done through the use of planet hopping portals. Not so easy when you're the most unwelcome guest there is.

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A few problems I've noticed:
-After buying armor, your characters don't change facial expressions.
-Emprium Spearman and Emprium Knight's Milagic skill NEVER fails, even though it seems there are possibilities for it to while the wheel is spinning (this made the Spearman fight extra annoying to me).
-Winty as a Lost Magician class seems to lose use for gained enemy skills before acquiring just 2 or 3.
-The Enable enemy skill doesn't seem to do anything.
-Winty's Shoot skill is listed under magic, when it seems more appropriate and much faster for it to have its own button.

Other than that, I think the game has a certain charm to it, has a cute artstyle, a fitting music choice, and interesting factions, even if they are never elaborated on/elaborated on very late in the story. I also liked the backgrounds, weapon designs, the unique status effects of Interna and Numb, and enemy skill animations, even if the enemies themselves were lacking animation and originality. If I'm going to be frank however, the Vertalist armor looks extremely stupid to me. The names of character magic were nice (like Shadow Dream and Lost Aqua).

I suggest adding more story in future games. Some people might think the art style is too small and/or simple to enjoy.

All in all: Simple and fun, but not worth completing 3 more times for ONE picture. A missed opportunity to make something memorable and fleshed out. I would have really enjoyed seeing WHY the Lost Magicians are seen as bad people, maybe in exposition, a prologue or even flashbacks of some sort. On top of this, I wondered why not every faction had a planet. The dialogue can be skipped without consequence and is only fluff. If playing a Lost class, never use the Learn skill; it might get you killed on top of gaining nothing useful.


¬°Awesome and EASY AMAZING GAME!

I my personal favorite class is Dissium. You use all kinds skills to disable,poison,heal,cure seal and numb,lower enemies attack,and more. The attack power is low,dissium is mostly to cause effect damage.
Have Fun!!!

It's quite a nice game. The idea of several classes and the freedom of choosing them is just what I love about this good old fashioned RPG. It reminds me of the good ol' days of final fantasy series such as FF V.

For future development, a system of class/job changing will definitely be favorable, just like that of FFT if you've played it. The freedom of switching jobs for different bosses or difficult battles would be great idea as well.

As of now, this game does have some small issues. I will discuss each in the following:

1. Balance between classes:
Some classes are innately much more powerful than the others, especially in the last planet. Certainly combination would have much more difficult time than the other. For example, the first playthrough I had Melee and Dronicle because I thought a melee single target character with an AOE class would do great. Turned out the last planet became my worst nightmare, especially those who could inflict numb on single or whole party. But some classes, such as Dissium, with the ability to Numb all enemies, could easily go through it. Some thoughts should be put into the balance of the system.

2. Skills
Some skills are rendered useless completely for the class which has them, and depending on the combination of classes in the party, a portion of skills could also be meaningless. For example, DEX, which seems only affect ranged attack, is only useful for Lost, but for some reason Melee also has a skill caled "Increased DEX". Part of the reason is due to the lack of information on how each stats is affecting the battle mechanism. But to my understanding raising DEX on Melee is completely useless, so why should Melee has such skill? Also, Tezolox has some skills only activated upon critical health or death. But in a game without any means of reviving, a play would certainly not bet on the effects from a character's death. Plus, the skills are not even powerful enough to justify the cons for triggering 'em. I mean, I certainly would not want to be risking death by putting the character below 25% health for the 20% increase in magic attack, while "Increased Magic" have already raise my magic attack by 30%.

There are many other elements that could have been improved to make this game great. I'm just pointing out the major ones that could make this game not so pleasant. Next I want to talk about each class since I love games that have class/job system. I'm listing in the order from top rated to the bottom, based on my own experience.

1. Dissium
Needless to say, Dissium is the most overpowered class among all. Initially it could have some difficult time even dealing with the first couple waves because it lacks effective way to deal damage. But once certain cards are collected, any enemies all of a sudden became piece of cake! Some cards are rare to get, probably couldn't be obtained until later planets, such as Drain HP (the most powerful damaging attack of all! when fully leveled it takes off 60% of all enemies' max HP). You could become very effective once obtained Numb Enemies, and these cards aren't as rare as Aquamarine gem for Vertalist! With 3 out of 9 in deck, you have 1/3 chance of numbing all enemies. But just because this class is powerful it doesn't mean having two Dissium would be effective; you probably would have some hard time in the first few waves with two Dissium. To make this class even better, its Celge killer ability, including its 2nd weapon and Celge Hunter cards, the only not-so-easy part of the game for Dissium would be the very beginning

2. Elacin
This class probably has the highest single target damage output disregarding Drain HP from Dissium. Elacin Laser does single target damage; with the lv40 weapon it does about 1.5k. Now that's not greater than the 2k from melee, but with the two sets of turrets summons, the damage output is greater! With its passive "Increased Magic" and armor upgrade (+5% magic attack), and Dissium Hunter (+40% damage against dissium). It makes the last planet (the most annoying one) much easier.

3. Celge
This class does not have great damage output; it's only about 1k. But it's a great supporting class. It could produce potions to raise stats, heal HP&MP, or heal the most annoying status, Numb! The class also has great passive abilities, along with its armor upgrade, it's completely immune to all status effects. It also could inflict Numb early on, just the chance is low. It doesn't specify in the game but it seems to be around 10~20%. It could also heal ally (just not itself) fully.

4. Lost
Similar to the blue mage class in FF series, it could learn enemies' moves, just some are useful some are not. Essentially, this class is a combination of a damage dealer and supporting character. Early on it could deal decent damage through its bow attack (why it's a magic and could be sealed? it beats me too!). Most enemy abilities could be learned in the first 2 planets. The most useful would be Celge Rain, which heals about 30% HP of the party and deals low damage to all enemies. Its overdrives are powerful, and could be used in the beginning of the battle to give you an edge.

5. Tezolox
A voodoo class. It has some interesting skills but due to the design of this game several are completely useless, but let's talk about that later. First, it mainly deals damage thru its bomb attack. It has to be set first, and it's single target, and then a 2nd turn to detonate to actually deal damage. The bomb gets more powerful after each turn before being detonated. This is an interesting effect. However, since Tazolox only has two skill: bomb and summon totem to heal yourself, and it's a mage so its attack (depends on STR) is very low, it's not worth it to wait to generate power, except a few instances, like in the beginning when a mage's physical attack is still sort of substantial, and when you spend a turn summon totem. Half of its passives are wastes, the only useful ones are increased magic, which raises your magic/bomb damage, and mine effects, which gives 20% chance to inflict all status on enemy when bomb is detonated, which gives another reason not to wait for the bomb to generate power! So...though it's an interesting idea that bomb could generate power but normally a player wouldn't do so, unless you got numb or seal on you...
Now another interesting and powerful part is its totem map. The first couple are just some perks, but the last one really is powerful; it makes all enemies numb and poison in the beginning of each battle. Thought this totem can't be built till last planet (one key material is from the last challenge), but it gives you enough edge for the last planet that it isn't so annoying. Oh, its armor upgrade is also useless. Inflict Interna when killed? Are you kidding me!?

6. Vertalist
A versatile version of melee. It could put gems on weapon for different effects. Of course, we all know, putting Numb on weapon FTW! but Aquamarine is quite rare, at least for my playthrough it is. I only got 3 Aquamarine, and none of the big one, when I finished the run. Also, it only has two weapons upgrade, meaning your damage output could be a little bit low unless you put +damage or +STR gems on. Anyway, the idea of this class is nice, except most of its abilities are useless.
Sight increases 30DEX to party, but only Lost uses ranged attack. Now unless you team up with Lost, otherwise DEX doesn't do Vertalist any good. Vertmagic inflicts 40% disable, but disable only is effective for a few enemies (and some could heal this status anyway), and this spell doesn't do damage, so it's quite useless. If you want to inflict status, it's much easier to have gem on you and attack! MP Transfer is not that useful since you rarely lack MP unless it's drained by enemy. Plus, I would rather have my Vertalist attack with a chance to Numb enemy than transfer MP, which I could just have the other ally use MP potion that heals 50% of its MP. Increased DEX, needless to say, is completely useless. Parry is great sometimes actually. Resistance could also save ass in the last planet.
Overall, if one could get 6 big aquamarine, you could have 90% inflict numb on enemy. But with Dissium, I could easily have 100% Numb on ALL enemies if I were to put 9 Numb Enemies, which, of course, I wouldn't do because Drain HP is just too good to miss!

7. Dronicle
A kinda boring class with one active skill, which deals damage to all. Later on it oculd increase its damage output to 3x, with 50% HP steal! It also has a weapon effective against all bosses, one hit deals 1/4 boss' max HP (except the first one which is one hit KO). Not much to say there since all you do is use magic to attack all the time.

8. Melee
A tank unit with armor upgrade and skill that reduces damage taken. If it could inflict Interna 100% on enemy (single target is fine) or life steal I'd prob love this class a bit more (this way this class would survive so much longer even without regen/heal. Its level 40 weapon could attack twice, even though its STR is a bit low. It could deal up to about 2.5k with its 40% 2x damage passive. The thing is a few enemies could dispell you, and the buff is not that great (only 30% STR increase, and only Melee and Vertalist rely on STR to deal damage). Technically you could get your damage output buffed when sealed but I feel the increase is not substantial at all even though it says 20%, which for a 1k hit should be substantial. And its increased DEX skill is useless, just like that on Vertalist...

Essentially, this game's Numb status is very powerful and devastating when inflicted on you. I mean, if I could inflict Numb on enemies, I literally could move 3 turns without enemies' retaliation. This is much better than higher damage output. Imagine the following scenario. When comparing, say, a Melee and Vertalist, and say Melee deals 2 damage and Vertalist deals 1, but vertalist could inflict Numb almost 100%. So, what happens is, when Melee attacks enemy for 2 damage, it gets retaliated in that turn. But when my Vertalist attacks for 1, the enemy gets numbed, and my Vertalist could attack for another 2 turns without retaliation. Essentially my vertalist was given a opportunity to attack for 3 times for free! (that's why Numb doesn't get stacked or refreshed cuz I could just numb the enemy until it dies) So before the enemy could retaliate on turn 4, I've already attacked 4 times...a total damage of 4, while Melee gets retaliated for dealing 2...SAD =(

Arnas responds:

Hi and thanks for such a long and awesome response. This is definitely the best review I have seen for this game so far. I have a few things to notify you about after reading all of it.

Dex increases accuracy rate. Which allows physical weapons to miss quite less often.

Tezolox bomb will increase in power every turn for more each time to make sure that it does more than the equivalent of the amount of turns. So, skipping a turn will get you to deal more damage than actually doing damage twice normally. It's only better to detonate early if you feel the monster will die from that explosion.

Melee does have life steal. Which is the Blood Grinder weapon.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2012
8:23 AM EDT
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