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Evolution of Magic 2

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Took an entire year to make and beta test, this has got to be the best game Amanda and myself had ever created. If you find any bugs, we'll fix them right up, no worries. Feel free to express any frustration as this game can be hardcore at times.

Cale has managed to regain his memories of his goal to reach his home world, Lost Planet. He's going to need Winty's help to get through the galaxy in one piece. This can only be done through the use of planet hopping portals. Not so easy when you're the most unwelcome guest there is.

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Great game, one of my old favourites, but I just ran into a killer bug which I remembered from years ago (but not well enough to avoid it).

This happens in the 1st Lillen fight on World 3 (Dronicle), although it might be possible to happen in her fight at World 4 (Dissium) as well. For the love of Tiamat, don't disable her (with either Tezolox, Vertalist or Dissium, honestly Tezolox basically can't use Mark in this fight because of it, which is insanely bad and makes her awfully hard to beat without repeating fights or being with a Dissium). Disabling her makes her only able to use Heal which is pretty annoying, but beatable from there, if you've got Numbs or just really high damage output...

But if you would kill her while she's disabled, the game crashes. And not only does it crash, somehow it rolls back your save. A lot. The time from those years ago - note I'm partly assuming here it's a disable glitch and not *just* a Tezolox glitch, as I used Tezolox - Lost then and Tezolox - Elacin now - it rolled me back to the boss fight of World 2.

This time was really special. I'd actually done 1 run through the game with Dronicle - Dissium, then another with Vertalist - Celge, and I was on that Lillen fight with Tezolox - Elacin.

Yeah, I got rolled back all the way to my completed file with Dronicle - Dissium (the first team). I lost an entire save plus the completion record of another one (fwiw), massive yikes.

So yeah, for anyone who might be reading this nowadays, really fun game, but don't disable Lillen (the pink bishop hat eyepatch girl), or she disables your life.

(If you're really worried about this, I'd recommend refreshing the page fairly often, since I'm *kinda* sure the autosave makes a hard record in your cookies when you do that, so you might not get rollbacked more than a fight or two even if you do.)

A few problems I've noticed:
-After buying armor, your characters don't change facial expressions.
-Emprium Spearman and Emprium Knight's Milagic skill NEVER fails, even though it seems there are possibilities for it to while the wheel is spinning (this made the Spearman fight extra annoying to me).
-Winty as a Lost Magician class seems to lose use for gained enemy skills before acquiring just 2 or 3.
-The Enable enemy skill doesn't seem to do anything.
-Winty's Shoot skill is listed under magic, when it seems more appropriate and much faster for it to have its own button.

Other than that, I think the game has a certain charm to it, has a cute artstyle, a fitting music choice, and interesting factions, even if they are never elaborated on/elaborated on very late in the story. I also liked the backgrounds, weapon designs, the unique status effects of Interna and Numb, and enemy skill animations, even if the enemies themselves were lacking animation and originality. If I'm going to be frank however, the Vertalist armor looks extremely stupid to me. The names of character magic were nice (like Shadow Dream and Lost Aqua).

I suggest adding more story in future games. Some people might think the art style is too small and/or simple to enjoy.

All in all: Simple and fun, but not worth completing 3 more times for ONE picture. A missed opportunity to make something memorable and fleshed out. I would have really enjoyed seeing WHY the Lost Magicians are seen as bad people, maybe in exposition, a prologue or even flashbacks of some sort. On top of this, I wondered why not every faction had a planet. The dialogue can be skipped without consequence and is only fluff. If playing a Lost class, never use the Learn skill; it might get you killed on top of gaining nothing useful.


¬°Awesome and EASY AMAZING GAME!

I my personal favorite class is Dissium. You use all kinds skills to disable,poison,heal,cure seal and numb,lower enemies attack,and more. The attack power is low,dissium is mostly to cause effect damage.
Have Fun!!!