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The Perfect Home

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Author Comments

Alright bam heres my round 1 entry.
this didn't come out as good as i had hoped but then again i had procrastinated for quite a bit.
Special thanks to all the voice actors, you guys did a great job!

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Good attempt, but honestly this wasn't really funny.

For an animation tournament, this really wasn't anything amazing. (It wasn't horrible or gross though.)

The jokes are VERY predictable.

The consistency is also questionable. (If the electricity is out, how'd they use the elevator?)

The best thing about it is probably the voice acting, it was very clear.

DannX3anim8ion responds:

I have been a flash animator for about 1 year now. i entered the tournament KNOWING i'd be the worst animator out of the crew and didn't expect to get far at all. I'm just in it for the fun and exposure.

why does nobody get the repetitive joke is the point of the entire thing.

crap. i didn't even think about the electricity part... should have went with the light bulb being broken or something.

And i agree the voice actors did an excellent job as i had said before.

I really didn't like this submission. The drawings were flat, stale, and not even shaded. The animation was almost all tweened(and not in a good way). The sound effects were terrible. The voice acting seemed forced and it wasn't great acting either. The jokes were excrutiatingly awful, but the lip syncing was OK(still badly tweened). Overall I didn't like this much at all, and I know you have more talent than this. Nice try...I guess...

DannX3anim8ion responds:

As for the animation and artwork i agree, it was very stale and motionless. I had kinda tried making all of the symbols first as a way to save time and to make it look a bit cleaner than my last entry.
As for the voice actors personally i thought they did a pretty good job!
And as for the jokes, i know the same joke was drawn out and it really only had 2 other elephant puns besides ele... but hey they weren't unbearable.
overall you make a very good and valid point this really isn't my best work and next round i really do need to kick up a few notches.
thanks for the review!

That was fantastic! Great animation, wonderful voice acting and sound effects (I like how you muffled the voices when they were behind the window!) and funny premise and jokes. Bravo!

It really 'ele'vated my mood :P

DannX3anim8ion responds:

I'm glad you liked it!
Thanks for the review!

This. Made. My day.

Smooth animations, excellent voice acting, sweet music, and quite humorous too!

Hehehehe........ Ignoring the elephant in the room........

Anywubs, I genuinely enjoyed this, and I hope I can expect more!

DannX3anim8ion responds:

Why thank you!

wth lol

DannX3anim8ion responds:

I don't mind a 1 star review, but please at least post something intelligent.