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After a year of being off and on the "backburner", my latest and greatest animation is complete and Live for all the world to see!

Note: Those with slower computers, you may want to set the quality on low.

EscaFlowne is one of my all time favorite animations that charmed me at a young age. Of course being introduced to it through the revised and edited version on Saturday mornings on FOX channel.

So just for funzies, I decided to reanimate the revised American Intro (with music Choreographed by Inon Zur) with my own Art Style and animation, just to see how this series was made and animated. Essentially, my thoughts in making this were: If Escaflowne were redone in live action, what would it look like?

I've been making this off and on for the past year only as a test to see how far I can push my animation expertise, and in the process learn a thing or two.

I don't plan on reanimating the entire series, as these few seconds took me months, so please don't ask. As for you purists out there, yes, I agree nothing beats the original. So please hold your comments about disgracing a great anime, this was just made for my own personal training and discovery.

I hope you enjoy the results.

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Even though the girl looks like a man (propably intentional) it looks like the original english opening.
Now I challenge you to do the Japanese one ;)

It's good

the last 2 episodes of this series made no sense!!! D:< But very lovely animation, especially with the fighting scenes :D

escarflowne...escarflowne...i do not know where but there was a hidden hypnotical message in this video...escarflowne...

I have a feeling u just traced for some reason. But i still gave u a favecause tracing is still alot of work.

mohawkade responds:

Well about a third of this was Rotoscoped (traced), the orginal animation was at 24fps, whereas this is animated at 29. Which left open a lot of empty frames in between traced ones that had to be free-handed. The two mechs fighting was the worst and most time consuming! Between 3 to 9 hours spent per frame! Which taught me a lot of patience and a whole lot more respect for the art.

In the end I had fun dissecting and studying this cartoon.

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4.09 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2012
4:57 AM EDT