Galactico: Save the Earth

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Blue item for shields, green one for hull. Destroy asteroids or they'll destroy you. Have fun, this is my first game ever.

11.06.2012. minor update


i want to play this game but i can't because the controls are all over the place. how about letting us customize it?

A not bad of a game! this game is sort of amusing but is challenging in alot of ways graphics are outdated but good enough, i could not hear the music though, and the ame was sort of slow other than that it was preety fun!

nitokov responds:

thanks (: yes i've noticed that soun might be problem, it's to be resolved, when I finish doing my current project, ill get into updating Galactico


Game design:
- The first thing I noticed is that game elements can obstruct the HUD. I highly recommend keeping the game view out of the HUD at the bottom; it shouldn't get blocked by in-game entities.
- The explosion sound is way to dramatic. Select a smaller, softer, explosion sound.
- I do like how you can mute the audio. however, I'd rather be able to mute just the music while keeping the sound effects.
- The music is a bit annoying and doesn't fit the game.
- The icons used for mute and pause don't fit the theme of the game. The font, however, looks really cool. (:
- Focus on a solid game mechanic before tackling something like an upgrade system. The enemies should be challenging. Also, try introducing a new enemy every other level or so.

- Since you can use the mouse to aim, please add the ability to shoot your primary weapon using the mouse button. This is much easier than trying to press the spacebar key to shoot (keep the spacebar though; some may prefer it). You may also want to include the arrow keys as movement keys also, for left-handed people (I'm right-handed, but that may be easier for lefties).
- There is some inconsistency with where the mouse lines up with the crosshairs as you move the mouse around. The center of the crosshairs should line up with the mouse pointer. Furthermore, it lines at at different points.

- The explosion used for the enemy ships is too faint.
- The player's ship looks too bland. I would recommend looking up Lost Garden, and trying to fit some of the graphics there into your game.

Quite rough around the edges, but it's a start for your first game.

- Ziro out.

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nitokov responds:

this will be my list for next update, thanks you save my time... and Earth :D extremly helpful!

The controls are confusing, and the music is deafening.

nitokov responds:

music rulz, well this game is not for everybody, it's challenging...

Needs some work. The AI just sits there and way too close to the player.

Not a fan of the cursor target system, why not just use the regular aiming system. Remember if it ain't broke don't fix it.

nitokov responds:

i know, just wanted to try to program that aiming system, it's my first game so it's sort of experiment... thanks for feedback.

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3.24 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2012
3:58 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight