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The Noob Adventures Episode 9

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Episode 10:

Episode 8:

PART 9! Lost in the great plains of the server, our 3 heroes look for any sign that heads back to the main city where the mighty Steambath awaits them! Just as they're about to head in another direction, Fart spies something in the distance. Slowly they find that it's not only the server's visitors who are suffering through the reign of Gaylord...

Author's Note - I wanted to get this episode up before the end of May, but my harddrive had been giving me problems and it seems it's near the end of it's life. I had to piece this file back together from earlier versions and fortunately I got a working copy out of it. I hope you enjoy it!

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Such nostalgia.

this guys just predicted 1.14

Dude! You guys re-approved some things!

hahaha, Pillage their Village....Little did Falconer know what the future had in store for Minecraft

I love minecraft tna