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Grayscale Nightmares

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This is an action shooting nightmare and you are in it. Your only way to wake up is to survive all the waves by shooting down the monsters. Upgrade correct guns to make the job easier and try to survive!

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I don't like top down games, just not my thing. But this one has a great look to it, dark sadistic w/e. The creatures were creative looking. Some gore would have helped with this dark flash. It was fun at first but became boring quickly, again probably because I don't like these kind of games. For the art I give it 3 stars.

The game itself is enjoyable, and has a very simple but effective design, which adds on to the nightmarish atmosphere. There is some serious potential here.
There are however some serious flaws, besides the almost complete lack of animations.
Mainly you should have included some bosses, in order to make the gameplay less repetitive.
Also an upgrade wich shortens the reload time would be most appreciated.
Some weapons, especially the shotgun, are basically useless thanks to their impossibly long reload time.
Even switching weapons seems to require time, giving enemies plenty of free hits.
Last, but not least, sometimes the infamous "wallbound" glitch shows up sometimes
I suggest you to make a sequel and correct those flaws. It would be front page material for sure!

love the unique visual style!. Maybe i'm just not too good at shooters, but it's really easy to get overwhelmed by enemies.

I dont under stand it this is sooooooooooooo STUPID!!!!!

I like the mood that this game sets with the grayscale but the enemies need to have some sort of animation to make them more menacing. As it is the game is creepy, so if you added some more upgrades of some sort (abilities, grenades, possible show upgrades on the gun) and add animations this would be a solid top down shooter.