Housewife vs Zombies

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So primarily I wanted to see if I could subdivide a Flash sprite into multiple parts. Well, I got it working, so then wanted to make a game out of it. And this is the game. Slash and slice your way through waves of zombie parts to try and get the best score you can. Bonuses are scored for combos, multiple slices, and perfect slices (a slice close to the middle). There are fifty achievements to unlock which also boost your score multiplier, plus boosts to use through the in-game coins you can earn while playing. Good luck!

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slash the zombies and then slice the zombies

nice game but it was boring

For all having lags: Try chrome (no i'm not kidding). No lags there. I use the latest canary & all fine. But now to the game: Don't get me wrong, but i saw this game too often for phones. Fruit Ninja, etc. You see it on the shop: Overpriced upgrades, you normally would pay for.

The only problem is lags on slicing and this mean impossible to acurately

If this is fix this game will be great.

I like the idea and basic gameplay, but I also had a lot of trouble with a lag on my cuts, so a few cuts that are spot on a head end up taking effect several seconds later when the bomb is right there, makes it fairly frustrating. with a bit of touchup, could easily be a fantastic game.

nick1972uk responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback. Genuinely I can't reproduce the lag and have had lots of friends testing it. I wonder if it's due to "noise" from Newgrounds? Can you tell me what browser you're playing in? Also, the original version is here: http://www.mygamingwebsite.com/games/HvZ/HvZ.html - do you get the same problem there?

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2.83 / 5.00

May 28, 2012
5:18 PM EDT
Action - Other