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Skyrim : Dovahbear

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Without hesitation, a most ambitious bear of Skyrim takes on the role of Dragonborn along with all of the responsibilities.

Be sure to check out the original "Skyrim : Bear" so it all makes "sense"

Thanks everybody for all the love for Dovahbear. Thank you Newgrounds for Front page! I see a lot of request for another Dovahbear cartoon... I'm not sure when, but it could happen.

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Where is Dovahbear 2?

Bowz responds:

Technically this is Dovahbear 2, the first one was called 'Skyrim : Bear'. None of it was planned it just evolved into what it is.


The expression on that horse. Also man dragons have bad aim.

Never have got around to playing Skyrim, but this is godly, sir.