BlockSmash 2002!

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Made this in 2002 and it is awesome!

No loader - sorry! No volume control - sorry! Lol

Here's some tips.
- Try and centre your mouse in the middle of the screen before you click to advance levels, or when you die, because the ball drops straight away, and you might miss it otherwise!
***I do this by moving the mouse up or down out of the flash game and then you can see the pointer, then move it back in to play***
- The sun in the top right is the combo counter. Every time you hit a brick it adds one to the combo multiplier, but if the ball touches the paddle or you die, it resets. Try and hit the ball so it bounces around up the top for a while.
- Level 3 is tough but you can bounce off the walls for better aim
- Level four is a bitch lol. (good tip)
- Get the small ball powerup to squeeze through tiny gaps.
- When you get the sticky powerup, press mouse button to shoot ball.
- You can choose your own background from your computer if you want but in my experience it just makes the game harder haha

Music is from "krakout", an incredible commodore 64 game that inspired me to make this.

Can you reach the elusive 5th level? (I can't)

My best score since rediscovering this gem is 954, I'm sure I was able to score better back in the day. *old*

Once again I made this about 10 years ago so all the bugs you find are there for good and hilarity.


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It is way too hard in my opinion, and the game itself is copied like hundreds of times everywhere around the internet so I'm sure there is a better one somewhere. try coming up with your own games, so people need to play yours instead of a better version of someone else. BUT you did it pretty good too, except for the ball speed. I give you 3.5, for the "effort"...

Cool Graphics and Game kind of like super break out.

AWESOME BANANAOID type game...love the old school play!

Die blocks,die!!

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4.13 / 5.00

May 25, 2012
3:26 AM EDT
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