The Test

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Jose is failing math and needs to study for a test so he can pass. When he stays after, he realizes this test is more important than he thought.


That was pretty funny :D nice
One test decides the fate of your ENTIRE HIGHSCHOOL CAREER lolol

This feels like the set-up for a Marc M cartoon, except there's no punchline. It's a very earnest and cliche simplification of our educational system. But the animation is good and I see where you're coming from.

I like how it shows to kids if you study, it benefits you later in life!

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This was a good message. Your flash skills are not fantastic. The walking animation should have been cut, since it's sub-par. The voice acting is passable, but could have used a bit more practice and inflection. You seem like a relative newbie, and for that.. this was a GREAT film. I think you can do better, with practice. Thanks for sharing the effort and keep improving.

Hey good message I think, and I liked the decision you threw in there with the two different endings. What took away from the video, I felt, was the political pitch you had in the background, it doesn't matter who was put back there, it doesn't need to be there. Also, this video plays heavily on the Either/Or fallacy, I know it would be hard to cast every shade of grey better bum and successful career holder, but it would be worth mentioning, you know, maybe after getting a GED he put himself through community college with hard work, it could be possible.

But, as a whole, good video and a good thought. Maybe one of your tags should have been 'inspirational'.

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2.63 / 5.00

May 24, 2012
1:33 PM EDT