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What could be better than exercising your brain while pretending you're fighting your way through a dark dungeon filled with goblins and skeletons and stuff? Nothing, that's what. MatchHack is based on the classic memory match game and uses RPG elements for a twist. The player's goal is to explore the dungeon by clicking on tiles. Find matching tiles to beat the monster guarding the exit. Each match counts has a hit, each failed match counts as an attack from the monster. The game is over when the player is defeated.


Lol, pervert orc at L15 - be afraid, be very afraid...

I really like the concept, but as some have said before me: create a stat system to lvl the character, and let the equipment actually do something for you.

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To equip the items you've got, clic "exit" under the game title, then go to the inventory and clic on your equipment.

@INFLUXIS: I think you should add a bit of explanation about all the possibilities. The "exit" button I mentionned above is too hard to find, it may be a good idea to make it more noticable. Then, I'm not sure if equiping items have an effect on the power of attacks and defense? After fixing this few things, I would definitely give a 5 stars to this rocking game! Mixing memory game and RPG = an awesome idea.

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Fun game...but maybe explain how you equip the items you've picked up?

Like everyone keeps say, great concept, poor follow through. I'm definitely down for a leveling system and for equipment to actually do something, especially with that low drop rate. Maybe an increased level of difficulty as you progress. Also, you could stick a story in there, it's not that hard. Why is my guy fighting these monster? But, you know, that suggestions just for fun. All in all, solid idea, needs some improvement. You add more to it, you could have a great game on your hands.

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3.28 / 5.00

May 23, 2012
6:06 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG