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[Note: To play click play under the tank NOT the ad on the left as it wont play automatically then]

A project I made in my spare time.
I loved the books and movie!
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I did not like this.
Spoken as a true Hunger Games fan.

Well some parts were animated decently, but most of the time, I dunno, the physics were just off. I mean yeah it doesn't need to be 100% realistic, that's fine, but it just wasn't pleasing to look at. The motions, especially the close-ups of their faces moving around... the force behind the movements just didn't add up with them. It was very disrupting to the animation flow.

The colors had very little harmony, but I can see you were going for that sort of limited-spectrum look, which is cool-looking IF it is done right. I can't begin to explain how many people go for that coloring style and just fail at it (it's what most people call the "Egoraptor Style", but I don't choose to call it that because he wasn't really the one who like INVENTED it or anything, he just happens to use it). When it showed that old guy it looked okay on his face, the shade of pink you used worked decently with the color of his skin, but other characters just looked wrong. Like they had this brown-pink color with a brown purple to shade it, and both colors were on the same general brightness level. Shading needs to be DARKER than the original color, not just a different color. At one time the shading was actually BRIGHTER, it was just wrong to me.

At some parts I see there were lots of details and wrinkles in the faces, which, again, is funny if it's done correctly. But most of the time it just looked like a bunch of random thin lines with no real set facial pattern. Again, this is another issue I see a lot of people have in their animations.

In conclusion for the visuals, they were okay, I mean they weren't super BASIC, I'll give you that, but it kinda just seems like you can't yet handle the style you're attempting to jump after. Do something that is in your grasp and that you are knowledgeable of. It's almost like trying to cook some fancy dish, but you haven't yet perfected how to actually make it, but you make it anyway, then you end up with something... kinda like it, but tastes half as good? I would rather have a more SIMPLE meal that at least TASTES good and like it's supposed to because it was prepared correctly. I dunno, that's sort of just an analogy that popped into my head, hope you understand.

As far as humor and writing, it didn't even really make me chuckle. Too many memes, very forced.

If you really want to animate in that style, please at least PRACTICE before hopping right on it and ATTEMPTING to do it. I hope this is helpful.

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ZenithQuinn responds:

It's no masterpiece! :) I could have put more time into the art, but I just wanted to get rid of it and start something new.

im blind thank you very mutch the noises made my ears bleed and now i cant see.

I found this very stupid and badly animated, The Hunger Games was a pretty good movie, and I'm not hating on it like it's because it's making fun of it, I just didn't like it. It's not terrible but it could have been a lot better considering you had Christopher Walken in it. =P

All Parodies you don't like MUST be drawn purposely ugly. Who started that trend? Doesn't that get annoying to anyone...?

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May 22, 2012
6:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody