Shoot'n'Roll Carnival

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A 1st person shooter game where nobody dies,
nobody is wounded and you're not saving the world...
Just a free-style shooting game.
42 Levels + 6 Bonuses.
Challenge the Shoot'n'Roll Carnival


This game was quite enjoyable... first, allow me to point out a few potential issues with your game.

I found a bug with bonus rounds 3 and 4 (the one with shooting the tin can to ring the bell and Dodge Bomb). The object(s) that I was supposed to shoot would instantly fall and I would get the time out message... my recommendation: pause until the user shoots at least once to get past that title page.

The only other thing that I would note, as far as possible typos, is that you should probably change "Duck Hitted" to "Duck Shot", and "Shot at least x ball(s) in the bowl of the same color" to "Shoot at least x ball(s) into the bowl of the same color".

Not counting that, this is a surprisingly long game, consisting of I believe 42 levels plus six bonus rounds (which makes it 48 levels altogether). That definitely kept me there for quite some time. The only other thing I would note is that the Restart button does allow me to circumnavigate losing a life to some extent if I haven't failed the level yet (I typically used the restart button if I was aware the situation was irrecoverable: I attempted to get every ball into the bowl of its corresponding color, and I did it for pretty much all of the levels.)... though I did get a Game Over once during my playthrough relatively early on.

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nice idea, but it was bland. I would like to see a game like this with better art and such.

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m-skara responds:

thanks for playing my game and for comment too.
honestly I admit to be lame as graphic desiner.
anyway it was my first attemp, I' ll try to improve....

Excellent game. Nice graphics. Good audio. Good gameplay physics. Nice difficulty increase through the levels. Requires some thinking to complete. A cool, challenging little game. Voted 4/5 and Rated 8/10. I'm happy to Beta Test anything you like, don't hesitate to ask.

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m-skara responds:

I'm very happy you gave me a second chance.
I'm not a professional but I worked really hard on this game and your appreciation make me
feel better.
thanks a lot.

funny game!

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Didn't rate, but I get a blank newgrounds preloader, running chrome on windows.

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m-skara responds:

I'm really sorry and I've to apologize with anyone who tried to play my game
but being a novice I forgot to activate ads so the beginning logo doesn't skip.
I hope you'll understand me..
Now I did it and I'm waiting to be approved from Newgrounds.
Thank you for your patience.

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2.65 / 5.00

May 20, 2012
5:08 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle