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Bongo Time Travel

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New from Bongo, it's Time Travel! No refunds.

Got this one done just in time for Nata open round! Did the whole thing in about a week. Special thanks to Chris Zambelis for his sexylicious voice.

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Go to the near future where the human race is enslaved by evil army alien DANCING robots :)

What the What?

Awww, now this is a much better cartoon. I loved the animation. The best joke was the dinosaur fight. Time travel makes for endless possibilities. I also loved the man on the Sun joke. That would obviously be harder than Mars.

The length was great too. It did seem like a long commercial. I'm not used to movie formats like this. We use the new type where it just stops. Yeah, this has the feeling of being high.

If you punched your self wouldnt you feel it too?Your punching your self


All you do is buy 100,000 time traveling thingies and you'll be able to travel COUNTLESS OF TIMES! XD (MO HAHAHAH loophole found!)

Anyways, awesome animation dudes, I enjoyed it :D