Quantum Freezer Theory

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Wowee zowee! Front paged! Thanks Tom!

Created in about 25 days for the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation, open round (Oh boy, I really hope i make it to Round 2!).

I got a jumpstart planning out this flash under the title "Time Prank." Originally in the video, Connor(Schafdawg) suggested we go back in time and prank one of our past selves. Though, unfortunately and a little ironically, time began to run a little short for the plot we had in mind. We had to drastically change('dumb down' probably being more accurate) the story in order to shave the film down to a manageable duration for someone like me(i.e. a noob) to animate.

I really hope you all like it, and i'm always glad to hear constructive criticism from the users on Newgrounds. That said, I really hope there isn't too much worthless hurtful criticism I have to sift through. I HAVE FEELINGS TOO, YOU KNOW. *sniffling

let's see, what else... hmm... OH! credit goes to Linde from 8bitpeoples.com for the opening song. it's all royalty free, copyright free, legally obtained, etc, so no worries there. And double credit to the contributors of the Audio Portal. :)

P.S. I LIKE MONKEYS OKAY? THERE I SAID IT (I'm really hyper right now).


Wow, you have some fantastic frame by frame skills! I like how you constantly moved your characters around as they talked and made very fluid movements with no noticeable tweening. The humor in this wasn't laugh out loud, but it was entertaining throughout. My one complaint is the voice acting. It wasn't bad but it wasn't of high quality either.

Overall, a great entry that should slip right through the open round!

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JerrodStorm responds:

Thanks man. I put a ton of effort into making sure my characters aren't just standing there. I'm going to try to get some voice actors soon, so hopefully that will address your concern. :)

Things I really liked about this:
- Bouncy, lively animation. Although not the smoothest at times, it had life in it, which works really well for the theme and tone of the movie.
- Great voice acting.
- Great timing and humour. I laughed audibly at the slap fight, which is something a lot of animations don't make me do. It wasn't an especially funny scene concept, but the way it was delivered was perfect.
- Small details in the backgrounds and such. For instance, the skull twisted to the side was a nice touch.

The only main thing I found a little distracting was the crowd scene near the end, but crowds are really tedious and annoying to do, and there was a time limit for the open round, so don't worry about that. It's acceptable.

Anyway, you've definitely made it through to the next round. This is some high-quality stuff!

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JerrodStorm responds:

Really, you think I can make it into the bracket? thanks, man. And thanks for the feedback.

Dam thats well animated. Good Job.

JerrodStorm responds:

Thanks. Your stuff's awesome, too.

well... okey funny story and nice animation... but mediocre :S

If a freind of mine had made this, and wanted me to come with some last minute changes:

The blond kids voice.. its not as good as the other ones. Both quality vice (another mic?) and just the "acting" in itself.
The story needs more phasing! Anything could do this! Some music while they talk, or faster editing, other angles for variety.. There's just something about it.. something that makes me wanna close the player and watch something else, because its to "slow and borring"-ish.. Luckily i didn't, cus it was a fun little story.
The payoff is kinda weak.. Have it be like a giant exhibition, and the monkey like "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!.. it just a bit "hey, here it is, look, the died, lol"

Take or leave it, but thats my honest opinion.

JerrodStorm responds:

No no, thank you, really. I really appreciate the specificity of your suggestions. My friends and I probably won't be voice acting for next round's entry (that's if I make it). And pacing has always been a weak point of mine. I'll definitely take your thoughts into account. :)

hahaha i loved this man! This is a great entry.

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May 8, 2012
5:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Original