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This is just what I think it would be like if Blossom were in a game like Eternal Darkness. (The sound clip of her was from the episode "Slave the Day", by the way.) There are three possible "insanity effects", and one is chosen randomly each time you view, so watch it a few extra times. This is my first submission to Newgrounds, so go easy on me ^^;

(Powerpuff Girls copyright Cartoon Network...Eternal Darkness copyright Nintendo...don't sue, it's just a homage!)


Nicely done

It's good to see someone else who loves the game enough to make a flash about it. Blossom was an interesting character choice, and you made it work. The various endings were nice. All-in-all, a solid first effort. If you haven't considered making this into a series, then I just gave you the idea. I hope to see more flashes like this.


i wont say its bad but
its not good

only 3 endings
And they are at random
so it can be hard or easy finding all 3 since random
i did think pop up was funny
You should put all thease 3 in a future movie
But 1 happens to each powderpuff in a dream/nightmare
or something like that.
And since i have NOT made my own flash movie yet
I cant say how hard it is to make one
so ill grade yours a bit more better than i should

Um... why did you make her bone like the hand???

Um... why did you make her bone like the hand??? that was freakin babish. :D

Funny... but that pop-up is freaking annoying.

That was funny! What was real annoying was that pop-up.what was going on behind the pop-up was blossom entered the room and looked in the mirror and was cut-up and bleeding like heck.

That was funny!

You should make a couple other ones lke with Mojo Jojo or the mayor! it was very funny! It confused me and my cousin with the "Carnival Cruise for 2" ad...where did you come up with that? Please tell me 'cuz dunno what Eternal Darkness is!

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2.78 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2002
3:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody