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Dating Simulator


all i got was ouch ouch ouch so once the first bit is over how do i get out of the back massage ?

I quit once I got to the 'Ouch' part. No conversation mechanics, the artwork is a huge turnoff, and the music choice is just awful. Rushed, and not entertaining.

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Does this bitch just say ouch the whole time?.......

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This game is lacking in all areas, needs more effort into it.

- Art: The artwork is pretty poor, needs more work into some the details.

- Music: Not that well, you should try asking people to listen to it for their opinions.

- Story: Just no. This is like, really not planned out well. Its like.

You: "Hey babe"
Girl: "Wanna go to my room?"

Or something along those lines.

- Game Type: Mature? No way, more like "Teen with a bit of fan-service"

- Conclusion: It is a okay game, but need a LOT of work on it. Revise and have some people to test it, if you can. Revise is the best thing for this game. Put more effort into it for the next time you make a game.

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The girls responses made no sense, the art is poor, the whole thing is rushed and nothing sexy actually happens even though it's supposed to be a mature game. I'm sorry but that was awful, and you need to put in more effort next time.

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1.77 / 5.00

May 7, 2012
6:35 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating