Pokemon - Brock Gets Laid

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A Pokemon parody? On Newgrounds? How fresh and exciting.
Now, I went through absolute hell and back to get this done. It was my first time using VCam. Some shots look a little stretched, but I've since gotten the hang of it. I also just noticed the VCam was off-center by like a pixel or two. Oh well. Also, Flash stopped responding not once but TWICE while making this, meaning I lost 2 unsaved scenes I had spent hours on and had to redo them. Also, you'll notice the preloaders sucks absolute balls. I had a pretty cool image before but Flash seemed to...erm... crash every time I tried to export the file with the preloader on this pretteh cool image. I didn't have this problem with my last flash... but its over now. Another thing - I lied, again. I said I'd get a new microphone once I finished Tellietuhbeez but I didn't, and I'm probably gonna' be using this sorta' sucky mic for the next 2 or 3 videos. Better not make that a promise though, because I haven't kept any of my last promises. Ok, this was far too much detail for an animation as stupid as this one. Go watch and stop reading this, ya big scrotum.


lol hahahahaha

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lol, you wanna know what would REALLY make Brock's day even better? Is if Diglett/Dugtrio were like the "Grabboids" from the Tremor movies (1 and 2 only, but not the small ones in 2 and DEFINITELY not the "Ass-blaster's" from the third movie, and i don't even want to fuckin' think of what could happen in the 4th one) but anyways, yeah, Diglet/Dugtrio+Grabboid-themed body+ Brock's black (somehow Asian) perfectly shaped ass. Also, i love how you use old-fashioned scream audio-clips! They really compensate for the other, less-than-perfect audio

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Well I always thought that... a pokemon with that shape... has to be a pervert...

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theys pokemans inz maey azz

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ther pokemon in my ass LMFAO

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May 2, 2012
5:39 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody