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Suchen nach der Warhheit

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Author Comments

So I have create a videoclip,with abstract meaning of searching for the true.
Just remember:I am no singer or composer,I just play and record this music
(look at my account,to listen and download my music),with the help of some
instruments of a friend.
Now tell me what you think.

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No real flow for an abstract flash.

With an abstract art style flash I would hope that you make them smoothly transition from one loop to the next instead of making sudden changes. the two faces interchanging where the closest thing to a smooth transition during the entirety of the flash video.

The animation varied from loop to loop with some looking ot have a decent amount of work in them with others looking like they took as long as five minutes top to draw and put together. The rainbow hand and item along with the two hands and string looked to have the most work with the stringed hands seeming to be where the flash goes back to after showing a different loop.

The music used seemed fitting and abstract. However, could have also used an ambient or house song for this animation rather than a pop sounding piece that you wrote.

Overall, hardly any smooth transitions. Seems to be mostly showing off some loops you have created.

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descom responds:

Sorry man,but this was one of my older flash,so I couldn't do a better one.
How about see http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/605235.

The music has a nice beat to it and I enjoy the sketch style of your art, but it's too repetitive. Playing the same image over and over again is a probably one of the quickest ways to lose your audience's attention. It's not a bad start, though. Use this as a jumping off point for your next flash and don't give up.

descom responds:

How does it look now?

Nothing really new, besides of some errors in your writing.

"Suchen nach der Warhheit" should be "Suche nach der Wahrheit".

"MP3 Präsentieren" or "Eine MP3 Präsntieren" should be "MP3 Präsentation" or "Eine MP3 Präsentation"

In the beginning, "Träum" ... I guess it should either be "Dream" or "Dreaming" which would be translated with "Traum" (Dream) or "Träumen (dreaming).

If you focus on the MP3, it is repetitive as hell until the end.

The graphics aren't that good, mostly it is just one animation repeted per szene.

If the video is music centric, you may want to increase the audio quality.

Nifty enough, abstract video though.

Videos are supposed to be entertaining to watch. As far a I can tell, this is just a small collection of crap you thought was neat but didn't have any other use for, looped OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Give us a real video next time.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2012
7:01 AM EDT
Music Video