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What would have happened if Santorum had become president? This little cartoon may shed some light on that question.

I did this for a class I'm currently taking, but I was curious to see what Newgrounds thinks of it. Don't watch if you're a troll.


I get what you're going for, but was pretty obvious rhetoric, Santorum is so batshit insane you could go after him with so much satire. Thx for animation though.

Meh? In terms of the jokes; it was a bit dry and OTT, but in a predictable way. In terms of the content, it's a mix between one-sided statements and out-right-incorrect statements.

Not sure how much to go into it, but one such statement is that Homosexuality is caused or influenced by biology. The simple fact is that the evidence is inconclusive and thus *likely* that genetics to not predispose one to Homosexual behavior. It doesn't take much searching online to find articles that deal with the issue and realize that the studies suffer from a mix of bias, a mix of success, and a mix of conclusions; all of which imply we really know nothing about whether or not genetics are a factor.

That said, I did get a small laugh that he turned into a demon; mostly in the way it was done. I.E. A ATHF kind of crazyness.

-Do some research so you don't isolate the audience. A cartoon like this changes no ones minds and thus you'll get mixed reviews. A well done cartoon that is either factual or unbias (either one) will leave an entire audience happy.
-Hire a few people to be voice actors (pay them with beer if you have to :P), take lots of takes, and really make sure the vocals come out strong. The difference between hearing some "kid" on the other end just blabbing over a cartoon and hearing someone who sounds confident and convincing on the other side is huge.
-be more creative? Had I seen Santorum, let's say, turn black and suck the infant's soul out of the body and then turn back to normal, it might've been more interesting. Just kicking it when you've already made him look crazy isn't absurd enough to be un-isolate the audience. You need a laugh or two early on as first impressions can be the difference of perception for the entire episode.

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Meebs responds:

Reguardless of whether it's based in biology or not, for most people it's not a choice. Santorum's remarks (most of which I pretty much quoted, with a little heightening) are unacceptable. Rather than create a logical and persuasive argument (which no one would want to watch) I decided I'd rather just be as ridiculous as he was. Yes this is an over-the-top absurd cartoon, but it's really not as far from reality as you think. I rewatched many videos of santorum and his thoughts on gay rights, women/abortion, and he really is this ridiculous. The line about global warming is something he's actually said. He also is adamant in ignoring evidence that gay couples raise stable happy children, calling the APA just a group of people who agree with the APA. The fact that he won't accept that as fact but will accept the bible as fact is absurd.

Thanks for attempting to give positive feedback, but whether every single person who watches this cartoon enjoys it was not my concern.

WARNING: Stereo types

While I certainly agree with the sentiment, the flash as a whole wasn't very well made. It was a little heavy handed, and therefore wasn't very funny. You were essentially giving your opinion (which you don't need comedy to do), and the few actual jokes weren't delivered well. Furthermore the plot is predictable and doesn't really add too much. It's supposed to be a "what if" situation, but it lacks the imagination those scenarios require to work. With some better voice-acting this could've been a decent movie.

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For a parody on Rick Santorum this seems to be more of a parody of evangelical christians running for the presidency rather than Rick Santorum. Yes haha he believes the bible is the ultimate truth and that the constitution is based on the bible (both of these beliefs by the way, I do not believe). The humor just seems to be "lul christian" and although funny to a fanatical anti-religion atheist, I felt that with Santorum there is so much more comic gold than, gays should not adopt and God is awesome.

Why not go the extreme "gays should die" or simply refer to his very questionable views on birth control, his temper with questionares, or him almost calling the president a N!@#$% on television (thought you were going there to but just settled on confusion on what African Americans want to be called)

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