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Hordes of Hordes

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Hordes of Hordes introduces fresh new ideas to the tower defense genre.
Deal death to your pixel enemies through devious traps, elite combat units and magical spells.\r\nThe methods you employ are totally up to you. Customize your hotbar before each level with a huge selection of upgradable traps, spells and units knowing each time you play you will earn resources you can use to unlock even more or improve your favourites.

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Maybe it's me who's not in the mood, or that the game is outdated, it just felt so mundane and boring...

I feel bad for that all this effort was wasted.

This little game has very quickly become one of my favorites on newgrounds. I'd love to see further development go into either adding more to this, or perhaps even a sequel to it. My only suggestion is, as a previous poster suggested, the upgrades should do a bit more than they currently do. And maybe put in units that can damage monsters that can normally only be hit by traps.

good game, however upgrading units needs to do something other than making them suck 1% less

Right well, this seemed like an all right game. i gave it a crack and hell the first level was fucking awesome good work... but then.... i played the second level....
For a few moment's i thought i was playing a capcom game or some pixelated nightmare inspired by them anyway due to the sheer insane difficulty of it. it is impossible to progress through this game without playing the same level over, and over, and over, and over, and over again just so you can unlock some new barrack's personnel or at least upgrade them (which by the way does fuck all, i might as well have beaten my dick with a waffle iron, i would have gotten a more positive feeling out of that). The monster's are over powered, the level's need alot of cleaning up and you lose 5 point's for using a sprite set that was hardly modified and for the majority of it not your own.
and the fact you get nothing from failing to complete a level due to the inefficiency of traps is just an insult to the player
This game had potential but apart from that it was a polished turd.

This game got everything a TD needs in my opinion - Achievements, Upgrades, endless mode as well as a normal mode. Data about the waves incoming, and a nice tutorial. Those who read the tutorial will get a good introduction to the game.

Two things, though - The Trap / Unit immune creeps are a pain in the butt and I think it misses an option to toggle the automatic send of waves on/off for the endless mode. You should probably add these in the future.

Anyway, 5/5 and faved.