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You are lost in a world of invisible blocks, but these blocks cast a reflection. Your only hope of escaping is to use the reflection to see where to jump!

If you get any lag or slow reactions by the game you can download it to your computer here: http://bit.ly/HxpY3m
This should make the game run faster


Yay! front page! cheers

If you think you've played this game before try playing shift and visible. You will see the difference :)


Controls: Arrow Keys/ WASD/ Spacebar

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This game is AMAZING! P.S. The title is actually Reflection

Great Game! Please Make A 3rd One, It Would Be Great!

I think it's a great game, with things to add, but I do know there's a 2nd one, so you probably won't update it. But still, a great game! Also, here's my level: usx2y23zbx2y18zbmx2y19r17zbx4y18zbx6y18zbx8y18zbx10y18zusx6y24zusx10y23zdsx6y19zbmx2y19r18zdtx12y18znwtx12y23zutx12y23znetx12y18zdtx26y9zdtx28y11znetx26y11zutx30y11znwtx32y11zutx32y9znetx27y12znwtx31y12zbx29y13zbx29y15zbx29y17zutx36y9zdtx40y9znetx36y17znwtx40y17zbx38y17zbx38y9zbx36y15zbx40y15zbx36y11zbx40y11zbx36y13zbx40y13znetx44y17zbx46y17zbx44y15zbx44y13zbx44y11zbx44y9zutx50y9zdtx54y9znetx50y17znwtx54y17zbx52y17zbx50y15zbx54y15zbx50y13zbx50y11zbx54y11zbx52y9zbx54y13zdsx29y18zdsx38y18zdsx46y18zdsx52y18zlsx28y17zlsx28y15zlsx28y14zrsx30y17zrsx30y16zrsx30y14zrsx41y15zrsx41y13zrsx41y11zlsx35y15zlsx35y13zlsx35y11zusx38y8zusx44y8zrsx45y15zrsx45y13zrsx45y11zrsx45y9zlsx49y13zrsx55y13zusx52y8zbx16y21zbx16y23zbx16y18zpx16y20zpx14y21zpix14y16zbix16y16zbix16y13zbix16y11zpix14y11zpix16y15zbix18y11zbix20y11zutix20y9znwtix18y13zusix26y23zusix24y23zusix22y23zusix20y23zusix28y23zusix30y23zusix18y23zbx60y11zbx60y13zbx60y15zbx60y17zbx60y19zbx60y21zbx60y23zusx32y23zusx34y23zusx36y23zusx38y23zusx40y23zusx42y23zusx44y23zusvx46y23zusvx48y23zusvx50y23zusvx52y23zusvx54y23zusvx56y23zusvx58y23z

hamza62240, I passed your level, and it was TOO EASY!!!! PIECE OF CAKE!!!! (like if you know the reference)

This game was amazing, but some parts of the levels are much harder than they needed to be.

While i played the game i had Acoustic curves ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OROAGNbsikQ ) playing in another tab which fitted the game perfectly.

I know it seems unfair, but i almost never give a 5 star rating. This is because I think of things to add, but because no game is perfect so the highest i'll give is a 4.5.

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2012
5:50 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other