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I'm not expecting rave reviews or anything, this is my first ever attempt at developing anything, and it was more to test how good of a grip I have on actionscript so far. Still, I'd appreciate any opinions and advice you guys have, and if for whatever reason you're browsing newgrounds and need to do simple math...well it is good for that.

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Its not to bad, it works and all but it can be improved

huh, it's not bad. It works like a real calculator. There's only one error with this calculator. It's when you divide any number by zero. Yes, you can get infinity by dividing by zero, but considering that fact, it also means that it is undefined. So any number divided by zero is either undefined or "cannot be". Aside from this, It's alright, understanding that this is your first flash. (And next time, please don't expect anything to be blammed, just like what you wrote in your comment.) Oh, one more comment, try to put more design to the calculator, or any flash you will be making.

DerpyDaymare responds:

Thanks for the input. To you and the person below me, I will fix that as soon as I figure out how to define infinity in actionscript.

For a first attempt, it is pretty good, and I am giving it a decent score because it did live up to the expectations of its name. The only problem I have is that a number divided by zero technically is not infinity due to the fact zero is not positive or negative, which is why dividing by zero is classified as undefined. Other than that its perfectly fine (and better than anything I can do, considering I can't program at all). Keep on trying with programming, and who knows, you may end up with a flash game that ends up as an all time greatest game here.

It works!!!
Nice job. You know more actionscript than me.
Suggestion though: Since this is Newgrounds and there are a lot of medal whores, maybe put in some medals for certain sums or something like that. Fair play. Look into adobe air and you get it put on IOs, android and ipad XD

:P not bad i suppose.. could LOOK a bit better..

DerpyDaymare responds:

I am a terrible artist. Just making this calculator not look like a complete atrocity took a lot of effort.

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Apr 13, 2012
6:41 AM EDT
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