Brofox Assault

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In this debut flash, Fox and his crew tackle the struggles of the lylat system. Friends are made, lost, and mutilated. Love is in the air, and wolf's a bit of a dick.

Enjoy :)


It seemed alot like Egoraptor's old stuff but worse animation, but it was funny enough for me to give you this rating...


I actually didn't expect that... this made me legitimately laugh.

For one thing I'm going to say, and there's going to be like 50,000 reviews saying this same exact thing, but it really does remind me of Egoraptor's older work.

But now to actually get on with the review, I enjoyed it. The art work is very sloppy and the animation's kinda choppy, and usually, to the average viewer, that is an instant turn-off and they'd think it sucks, BUT, to me it looks like you actually know how to draw pretty well, and you understand WHAT you're doing with the animation. Like how they move around and switch positions a lot, it doesn't look off or out of physics, it just kinda looks rushed. But it's funny that way, and I for one liked it.

As for humor, I just thought it was ridiculous, stupid, and hilarious. The parts with Peppy especially. It's been a while since I've seen something like this. It's executed pretty messily, but it just makes you laugh because of it. Some people have made messy and rushed videos before, but they just look bad. Like REALLY bad. But this is somehow actually passable. Again, it looks like you actually know what you're doing.

As for voices, nothing special, but nothing too terrible, plus the overall quality standard of the visuals sorta matches up with it and it fits.

So all-in-all, it's a pretty low-quality-standard video that's executed just perfectly, and it's actually funny. Though I'm not usually a fan of parodies, Starfox hasn't been done too much, so I'll give it to ya.


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Brojack responds:

Thank you for your input :) that's what I call a review mate ;)
I'm aware of the resemblance, yes, but I see no reason why it should ruin the video for a lot of people. yes, the art and animation was designed to be that way, and I loved doing it that way, glad you enjoyed it. My goal was to make people laugh, and it seems like I've achieved that with a lot of people, which makes me tremendously happy. I'm not the greatest of voice actors, but the parts with peppy were probably my favourite to perform; I'm glad someone else enjoys them as much as I did.
Even though you don't like parodies, I'm happy I made you turn a blind eye on this one :)

An Egoraptor diamond in the rough.

Your animation skills are hilariously entertaining, your voice acting is decent but it may be your weakest part. I can tell that Egoraptor is a big influence on your style, and you use it very very well, keep making more.

Brojack responds:

'An Egoraptor diamond in the rough'. I'll remember that comment forever :')
Thank you so much I aim to keep improving.
I'm so happy you found this entertaining and hilarious, as that's what counts in the end, isn't it? :)

You know what? It is pretty damn similar to the first Metal Gear Awesome. The good thing? You're not ashamed to admit that. That's why this Flash isn't shameful and it was entertaining to watch. Congratulations on front page. Just try to develop your own style from here.

Brojack responds:

Thanks dude :) well it's a rather obvious similarity, but I'm glad you don't think less of this animation because of it :) Thank you for the support

animation was a bit poor, but was pretty well done. apparently this is just copying egoraptor. but so is everything that is posted aparently. well done and congrats on front page :P

Brojack responds:

Thanks glad you enjoyed it, I was so shocked when I saw this on frontpage! :O
yep. 'apparently' is the right word dude.

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2012
4:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody