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Valentine's Day 2012

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Almost two months late, here it is at last: the 2012 installment in my annual series of Valentine's Day cartoons for my fiancee Danielle! It may help a little to have seen the previous episodes.

This was uploaded with NewGrounds new video system and might be a little browser intensive (it's streaming 150mb), so you may have to pause and let it load a bit if it's continually stopping. If you're having major issues/it doesn't start, please make sure you have the latest version of Flash and contact Tom/the NewGrounds staff if problems continue.

Microwaves, like genies, have small reserves of magic energy that can grant three wishes. However, most everyone wastes this energy by subconsciously wishing for irradiated food.

This is the last regular annual installment of this series. After many a 50 hour week, Danielle and I agreed that these are becoming unhealthily time consuming. That said, I'd still like to come back and do a climatic, 'send-off' episode for the series in a few years.

The music is (mostly) from Sulek's upcoming album "Unbound at Last."

"Empire of Sock" is up next!


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It's about damn time I made another review. I haven't done one in ages. I said in the previous one that it was my 199th review. I'm finishing with this 200th review special like I said I would. However due to some redesign shenanigans instead of saying 199 my stats now say 132 + 65. I don't know what happened there.
But I have not reviewed in over 2 years! The site got its layout changed and freaking Empire of Sock is here! OK now it's time for the actual review part of the review.

Videos this good are mostly absent in the Flash Portal, and generally hard to find even in the weekly/daily top 5. Grerling also happens to be one of the few flash creators that I can just binge on and watch all the videos. Another one is David Firth.

I was wondering how a clock managed to send people (more specifically Barfquestions) back in time after coming out of that microwave, since clocks aren't technically connected to time. Maybe this was a special clock. Maybe the microwave decided to give it powers based on its normal function. I think it's best not to think about that part.

I quite liked those cans that said 'NOT CURRY'. I think it's a pretty funny idea. It was a little weird when glass balls or something fell out of the male guy's face. I don't care how unrealistic the makeshift wheels and vehicle were, they were great regardless. I don't really know what to say (this is probably long enough)...

Good music, great animation, full fucking stars.
Now I think I'm not going to make another review on this site, unless I see something great that really needs a decent review, or some shitty thing that needs a word spike up the ass. I have grown a lot since my early days of Newgrounds, and if you're some other guy reading this who I gave an awfully terrible review that just wasn't called for and was incoherent evil, I would like to extend my apologies.