Hood Episode 3

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The Wolf, having discovered who sent the demons to kill him, plans to hunt down and slay the witch once and for all. Afterwards though he must decide what his next plan of action is to be.

I uploaded a walkthrough on youtube, but please try to beat the game without using it. ^_^


I Loved it :D It's so suspensful. Can't wait for the next one

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Your work is amazing! I can't get enough of your games! Some people are saying its too short but I would definitely rather play a shorter game that is awesome than a long game that sucks. Can't wait for the next one!!

EVERY TIME! EVERY TIME THAT STUPID IMP POPS UP I SCREAM AND MY DAD YELLS AT ME!! I thought after I past the screen where he first popped up, I wouldn't see him again...CRAP was I wrong! HE'S ON EVERY SCREEN! Can't stop playing though :)

This game was awesome, but now I wonder is there a sequel??

...:-:-: This review may contain spoilers, DO NOT read until you have finished the game :-:-:...

Now, I must congratualte you, Hyptosis, creator of this game, for such wonderful work. Even though this wonderful saga wasn't ended yet, i congratulate you on advance. This is not only a review, this is also a request.

The Review: I am speaking not only of chapter 3, but the entire series (so far) as well. I must say I did not expect something to come up in the genre of Alice is Dead, and by genre I mean rewriting stories in a way only you guys know. Before alice is dead I aso played Hanzel & Grettel, but i did not expect somebody to come up with a new version of "Little red riding hood" and I also did not expect that, if someone did, it would be this great. Thank you, from the deep of my soul, for giving me such hours of joy. And by the way, did you somehow get inspired on the "Amnesia: The dark descent"'s Grunt for the "monster" on the caves? I must say that I did scare myself with that, haha!

The request: I saw on the first chapter's discription that you also co-created Alice is Dead, another brilliant game, i MUST say. Only one thing did not please me in that game. The ending. It seemed so abrupt and all of that, and i could not get it fully (Not saying that it was bad, it was just so "It ended and that's all" when there could be so much more). I am LOVING this saga so far, and, if necessary, I beg of you, make chapter 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9000 but do NOT end it out of nowhere with a simple ending. I think I speak on behalf of many players that are also having hours of entertainment with you marvellous work when I say that i want the "Hood" series not to make my jaw drop, no, not only that. I want that the ending make me get up of my chair, and, in tears of joy, applaud it.

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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2012
6:33 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click