Kidd eats dynamite

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What can i say? Crap. The first thing I did with Flash. I hate it.


i hate it too!

Stupid humor but stupid fun.

I remember how back then silly things like this was all it took to amuse me. Ah those were much simpler times.


it's actually not terrible for something so short, yeah it could really use a lot of work, but you chose the right song for this situation., designed a very funny looking character, and knew when to cut it short. Even though this wasn;t great, I can tell you have some skill, and am looking forward to seeing your others so I can see how fast you made progression as an animator.

More deatail and length

Sorry but it stunk, u need more idk good drawings.

You have potential

If this WAS your first flash (it was your second by my observation), then it wasn't that bad. The background was pretty shoddy (though it's suckiness actually looked somewhat cool), but the sound was alright, though I would've liked to hear an explosion. The kid looked like an idiot, which was funny, and the extreme shortness of the flash made the kid eatign it funny. It should've been longer though.

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1.90 / 5.00

May 3, 2000
10:53 PM EDT
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