Mega Man Dimensions

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I made this back in 2005. It was my first sprite video and I think it came out great for what it is. It's the first in a series I would like to make eventually. Mega Man is sent to other dimensions (other game worlds) by Dr. Wily since he simply cannot defeat Mega Man. Enjoy the short but sweet episode 1.


we AND I WANT MORE!!! we apreciate it, AND WE LOVE IT! cmon, WE LOVE THIS!

wow!! nice!! it's about time someone thought to do this!! there is nothing holding you back from making the next episode so have a crack at it!! and don't keep us waiting too long!!

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Fun movie. :) Make the rest of the series

GrimmTrixX responds:

see this is why feedback here is important. I've been meaning to upload this forever and was like "screw it now's the time" and was hoping to see if people would be interested in a sequel (with hopefully better quality although im out of practice i can get back into it easily cuz flash is fun). I just need to figure out some of the skills other spriters here on newgrounds uses cuz i cant figure out half the stuff they pull off. lol Thanks for the feedback everyone. much appreciated

I like the idea. The only problem I had is that you seemed to rush things a bit. and megamans jumping is extremely choppy and slow, but whatever. it's an old one. Instead of him travelling to other video games you could have had the dimensions be other megaman series. I'd kinda like to see megaman's "WTF" reaction if he were to get thrown into battle network.

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GrimmTrixX responds:

Ha funny you say that cuz i was def thinking he'd goto other mega man games as well. As I said, this was my very first animation. it was for a school project in a course on flash I took. it seems rushed cuz I made it n about 5 days, but I think for what it is its good. obviously its not amazing and believe me, i see the choppiness. But i figured I'd share it for this exact reason, so you all can say "Hey you, i like this part, but this part sucks" kind of a thing. Keep em coming guys this is great feedback for me.

nice video make sonic in the next video

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GrimmTrixX responds:

I dunno if sonic is ready for the next episode.. lol but due to people seeming interested in it, i think i will make some headway. i mean if I did this in 5 days, imagine what I could accomplish in a few months, right? But dont worry, the blue bomber and the blue hedgehog will surely cross paths into some robotnik battling action at some point. dont wanna divulge info on #2 since i havent planned anything out yet besides my preliminary ideas back in the day. But thanks guys!

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Mar 27, 2012
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